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Are you planning to race at Ohsweken Speedway in 2018? Send us an e-mail at media@ohswekenspeedway.com, tweet us @OhswekenSpdway or post on our Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/OHSWEKENSPEEDWAY and let us know what your plans are for the 2018 season.

The $60 early bird membership price is available until May 11, 2018. Memberships are required to collect championship points. Contact Mary Wilkinson at 519 717-0023 or mary@ohswekenspeedway.com to purchase a membership. Registration forms for drivers and crew are available at the following link: http://ohswekenspeedway.ca/?page_id=1803 (found under found under Competitor Info > Membership Forms)

Rosters last updated: January 18, 2018

(R) indicates driver is eligible for Rookie of the Year award.

6 Curtis Gartly
14 Jim Huppunen
17x Mack DeMan (R)
22 Shawn Sliter
97 Cory Turner

08 Steven Beckett (R)
1eh Paul Klager (R)
4 Hannah Ferrell
5 DJ Christie
7 Caleb Wood
9 Paul Ballantyne
10 Lofton Schuts
12 Brad Herron
19 Brandon Murrell
22 Allen Gilleta
26 Terry Baker (R)/John Verney (R)
38 Derek Miller (R)
43h Ryan Hunsinger
49h Jerry Hill
49L Lucas Smith (R)
51 Trevor Young
52 Jesse Costa
56 Dereck Lemyre (R)
70 Baily Heard (R)
74 Rob Neely (R)
87x Shone Evans
88h Josh Hansen

7 Jason Lungaro
8 Ryan Dinning
11 Brian Teeple
23 Trevor DeBoer
24 Blake Bomberry Jr.
25 Ken Sargent
26 Mike Ferguson
37h Rob Hoskins
38 Terry Martin
63 Brandon Crumbie (R)
83 Dale Shaw (R)
84rk Ryan Beagle
93 Melissa Miller
96 Steve Shaw Sr.
96jr Steve Shaw Jr.
9t6 Todd Shaw

01 Tristan Da Silva (R)
05 Dave Goodacre
1 Jason Tolton (R)
2 Matt Nuell
5 Rick Robinson
6 Jason Dixon
6e Enya Robinson (R)
8 Barry Westman
9 Tim DeBoer
10 Ben Buchwald (R)
11e Jeff Elsliger (R)
13 Bobby Tolton
13m Daniel McKay
17 Mike Taylor
20a Aiden Maynard (R)
23 Dusty DeBoer
26 Tim Nuell
32 Gillian Hils
39 Jim Cochrane
44 Wayde Thorne
54 Chris French
60 Martin Schroder
63c Dave Crumbie
66 Jon Janssens
66x Brandon Janssens
69 Rob Twitchett
83 Eric Crow (R)
155 Dustin Longboat (R)
177 Tim Jamieson (R)
188 Paul Longboat (R)
222 Nick Masi
265 Mike Evers
517 Cody Sommerville (R)

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