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Story by Brent Otchere

OHSWEKEN, Ont. (August 11, 2023) – Jibs Action Sports presented the Sportsman Shootout on Friday at Ohsweken Speedway; Mike Bowman, Brad Rouse, Kyle Wert, and Fabio Olivieri took A-Main wins.

Kool Kidz-Corr/Pak 360 Sprint Cars
Mike Bowman started on pole alongside Eric Gledhill to take the green flag for the 25 lap 360 Sprint Car A-Main. Bowman led the first lap with Dylan Westbrook hot on his heels. Bowman encountered traffic by lap five. Not too long after, Aaron Turkey spun around and stopped in turn two, bringing out a caution. That caution bred another caution seeing multiple drivers caught up in different incidents.

The restart had a battle between Westbrook and Bowman for the lead. Westbrook found a faster line, overtaking Bowman for the lead. With only three laps left to go it looked like the multiple time winner Westbrook would take another winner’s trophy home, however Bowman had a blisteringly fast final lap and stole the win. Westbrook settled for second, while Liam Martin finished in third, Cory Turner fourth, and Darren Dryden fifth. Ryan Turner leads over Mike Bowman by 34 points in the overall standings.

Race of Champions Sportsman Modified Series
Cody McPherson and Curtis Friesen brought the field to the green flag for the 30 lap Sportsman Modified A-Main. The drivers were jockeying for position right from the start; unfortunately this caused a major pile up on the first lap. The restart was cleaner, seeing McPherson leading the first lap. McPherson began to dominate the field with more than a three second margin over second place. The race became very entertaining when a second caution forced McPherson to fight off the pack behind him.

It was not the last time he had to defend his lead in a restart, as five more cautions accumulated within six laps. On the sixth restart of the race, Brad Rouse finally got around McPherson for the lead. Dan Ferguson chased down Rouse with seven laps to go, trying to set up a pass when a late-race caution came out due to Matteo Panunte spinning to a stop. This resulted in a shootout to the finish which saw Rouse outracing the field to victory. Next to cross the finish line was Ferguson in second, James Friesen third, McPherson fourth, and Bill Bleich fifth.

Middleport Mechanical Thunder Stocks
The front row of the grid featured Kacey Huffman and George Grosul to begin the 20 lap Thunder Stock A-Main. Gofast Teeple led the first two laps when a yellow came out due to a chain reaction pile up. Jim Lampman capitalized on the restart, becoming the new race leader. However, another caution came out due Christopher Hale coming to a stop on the backstretch with a severely bent front right wheel. This time Kyle Wert took full advantage of the restart, taking the lead of the race.

The restart was a rough one as Mark Fawcett and Jordan Hill collided in turn two, bringing out a caution once more. No one had anything for Wert when the race restarted, as he kept the lead and picked up his second victory of the season. Rounding out the top five were Beagle in second, Mike Klazinga third, Trevor DeBoer fourth, and Robert Hoskins fifth. Beagle leads over Wert by two points in the overall standings.

HRW Automotive Mini Stocks
Shawn Taylor started on pole with Fabio Olivieri next to him for the 15 lap Mini Stock A-Main. Olivieri rocketed ahead of the pack, leading the opening laps. The one and only caution came out on lap four due to Rob Goulding tagging the inside wall in turns one and two, causing severe front suspension damage which ended his race.

Olivieri was enjoying a healthy lead while the rest of the field were battling hard for positions amongst themselves. Kyle Rothwell chased down Olivieri with five laps left to go but suffered a mechanical failure which ended his race. This allowed Olivieri to cruise to his second victory of the season. Shawn Taylor finished in second, Ashton Dickie third, Tristan DaSilva fourth, and Tim DeBoer in fifth. Ryan Hillar leads over Ashton Dickie by nine points in the overall standings.


Ohsweken Speedway Statistical Report
August 11, 2023
Ohsweken, Ontario, Canada
Sportsman Shootout
Presented by Jibs Action Sports
Total Entries: 111

Kool Kidz-Corr/Pak 360 Sprint Cars (27 Entries)

A-Main [Started] 25 laps – NT
1. 71-Mike Bowman[1]; 2. 47X-Dylan Westbrook[4]; 3. 9-Liam Martin[6]; 4. 17X-Cory Turner[9]; 5. 12DD-Darren Dryden[3]; 6. 87X-Shone Evans[7]; 7. 88H-Josh Hansen[5]; 8. 15-Ryan Turner[19]; 9. 7NY-Matt Farnham[14]; 10. 77T-Tyeller Powless[16]; 11. 45-Nick Sheridan[11]; 12. 1-Holly Porter[17]; 13. 77J-Jim Huppunen[13]; 14. 90-Travis Cunningham[21]; 15. 70-Baily Heard[15]; 16. 68-Aaron Turkey[12]; 17. 10-Mitch Brown[10]; 18. 21-John Burbridge Jr[24]; 19. 19D-Allan Downey[22]; 20. 11-Jamie Turner[23]; 21. (DNF) 49L-Lucas Smith[18]; 22. (DNF) 94X-Scott Hall[20]; 23. (DNF) 7-Eric Gledhill[2]; 24. (DNF) 5-DJ Christie[8]
Hard Charger – Ryan Turner +11

Heat Race 1 [Started] 8 laps – 2:01.652
1. 71-Mike Bowman[1]; 2. 88H-Josh Hansen[2]; 3. 7-Eric Gledhill[8]; 4. 68-Aaron Turkey[4]; 5. 70-Baily Heard[5]; 6. 77T-Tyeller Powless[7]; 7. 94X-Scott Hall[3]; 8. 19D-Allan Downey[9]; 9. 81-Derek Jonathan[6]

Heat Race 2 [Started] 8 laps – 2:01.869
1. 47X-Dylan Westbrook[2]; 2. 10-Mitch Brown[1]; 3. 5-DJ Christie[5]; 4. 9-Liam Martin[7]; 5. 17X-Cory Turner[9]; 6. 49L-Lucas Smith[4]; 7. 15-Ryan Turner[8]; 8. 21-John Burbridge Jr[6]; 9. 11-Jamie Turner[3]

Heat Race 3 [Started] 8 laps – NT
1. 12DD-Darren Dryden[2]; 2. 87X-Shone Evans[7]; 3. 45-Nick Sheridan[4]; 4. 77J-Jim Huppunen[3]; 5. 7NY-Matt Farnham[6]; 6. 1-Holly Porter[5]; 7. 90-Travis Cunningham[8]; 8. 46-Kevin Pauls[1]; 9. (DNF) 0-Glenn Styres[9]

B-Main [Started] 12 laps – NT
1. 15-Ryan Turner[2]; 2. 94X-Scott Hall[1]; 3. 90-Travis Cunningham[3]; 4. 19D-Allan Downey[4]; 5. 11-Jamie Turner[8]; 6. 21-John Burbridge Jr[5]; 7. 46-Kevin Pauls[6]; 8. (DNF) 81-Derek Jonathan[7]; 9. (DNS) 0-Glenn Styres


Race of Champions Sportsman Modified Series (31 Entries)

A-Main [Started] 30 laps – NT
1. 185-Brad Rouse[8]; 2. 11-Dan Ferguson[9]; 3. 72-James Friesen[7]; 4. 7-Cody McPherson[1]; 5. 108-Bill Bleich[22]; 6. 3N-Noah Mamo[12]; 7. 22-Terry Smith[11]; 8. 20-Jay Mallory[6]; 9. 5S-Matt Sharpe[5]; 10. 23N-Nathan Peattie[14]; 11. 108X-Glenn Styres[4]; 12. 21-Spencer Smolders[13]; 13. 99PJR-Matteo Panunte[3]; 14. 25-Chris Hawkins[19]; 15. 73J-Jonah Lewis[17]; 16. 49-Doug Walsh Jr[23]; 17. 8-Geneva Sheffield[18]; 18. (DNF) 7D-Jordan Denobriga[20]; 19. (DNF) 91-Kraig Handley[10]; 20. (DNF) 68-Curtis Friesen[2]; 21. (DNF) 13M-Daniel McKay[15]; 22. (DNF) 74-Taylor Vanderzanden[21]; 23. (DNF) 888-Graeme Toth[16]
Hard Charger – Bill Bleich +17

Heat Race 1 [Started] 8 laps – 2:19.148
1. 20-Jay Mallory[2]; 2. 108X-Glenn Styres[4]; 3. 72-James Friesen[5]; 4. 91-Kraig Handley[1]; 5. 21-Spencer Smolders[6]; 6. 888-Graeme Toth[7]; 7. 25-Chris Hawkins[8]; 8. 108-Bill Bleich[3]

Heat Race 2 [Started] 8 laps – 2:16.993
1. 7-Cody McPherson[1]; 2. 5S-Matt Sharpe[3]; 3. 68-Curtis Friesen[2]; 4. 22-Terry Smith[6]; 5. 23N-Nathan Peattie[7]; 6. 73J-Jonah Lewis[4]; 7. 7D-Jordan Denobriga[8]; 8. 49-Doug Walsh Jr[5]

Heat Race 3 [Started] 8 laps – 2:20.651
1. 185-Brad Rouse[2]; 2. 99PJR-Matteo Panunte[1]; 3. 11-Dan Ferguson[3]; 4. 3N-Noah Mamo[4]; 5. 13M-Daniel McKay[6]; 6. 8-Geneva Sheffield[5]; 7. 74-Taylor Vanderzanden[7]

Middleport Mechanical Thunder Stocks (30 Entries)

A-Main [Started] 20 laps – NT
1. 19-Kyle Wert[15]; 2. 84RK-Ryan Beagle[18]; 3. 93K-Mike Klazinga[8]; 4. 23-Trevor DeBoer[11]; 5. 37-Robert Hoskins[16]; 6. 8-Ryan Dinning[13]; 7. 49-Dave Bailey[17]; 8. 97-Ron Loggie[9]; 9. 24-Cameron Thomson[19]; 10. 53-Logan Shwedyk[12]; 11. 28D-Donny Lampman[7]; 12. 28-Jim Lampman[5]; 13. 41-Adam Plazek[21]; 14. 25-Ken Sargent[4]; 15. 13-Kacey Huffman[1]; 16. 11-Gofast Teeple[3]; 17. 62-Brian Pescetti[27]; 18. 17W-Travis Whittal[23]; 19. 327-Shawn Jones[22]; 20. 427-Tim Phalen[6]; 21. 76-Jamie Goudge[28]; 22. 32-Mark Fawcett[10]; 23. (DNF) 96O-John Overholt[14]; 24. (DNF) 28J-Jordan Hill[25]; 25. (DNF) 79-Christopher Hale[20]; 26. (DNF) 5G-Trevor Monaghan[26]; 27. (DNF) 03-George Grosul[2]; 28. (DNS) 21-Melissa Miller
Hard Charger – Ryan Beagle +16

Heat Race 1 [Started] 10 laps – NT
1. 97-Ron Loggie[7]; 2. 25-Ken Sargent[4]; 3. 37-Robert Hoskins[12]; 4. 23-Trevor DeBoer[8]; 5. 8-Ryan Dinning[9]; 6. 84RK-Ryan Beagle[13]; 7. 24-Cameron Thomson[14]; 8. 427-Tim Phalen[5]; 9. 13-Kacey Huffman[1]; 10. 76-Jamie Goudge[15]; 11. (DNF) 17W-Travis Whittal[2]; 12. (DNF) 79-Christopher Hale[6]; 13. (DNF) 21-Melissa Miller[3]; 14. (DNF) 55-Mike Thorne[10]; 15. (DNF) 41-Adam Plazek[11]; 16. (DNS) 21B-Blake Bomberry Sr

Heat Race 2 [Started] 10 laps – 3:20.049
1. 28-Jim Lampman[4]; 2. 49-Dave Bailey[12]; 3. 93K-Mike Klazinga[6]; 4. 32-Mark Fawcett[7]; 5. 28D-Donny Lampman[5]; 6. 19-Kyle Wert[11]; 7. 03-George Grosul[2]; 8. 11-Gofast Teeple[3]; 9. 96O-John Overholt[9]; 10. 53-Logan Shwedyk[8]; 11. 28J-Jordan Hill[10]; 12. 62-Brian Pescetti[14]; 13. 5G-Trevor Monaghan[13]; 14. 21B-Blake Bomberry Sr[16]; 15. (DNF) 43-Kyle Andress[1]; 16. (DNS) 327-Shawn Jones

B-Main [Started] 8 laps – NT
1. 79-Christopher Hale[2]; 2. 41-Adam Plazek[7]; 3. 327-Shawn Jones[9]; 4. 17W-Travis Whittal[1]; 5. 21-Melissa Miller[10]; 6. 28J-Jordan Hill[3]; 7. (DNF) 5G-Trevor Monaghan[6]; 8. (DNF) 62-Brian Pescetti[4]; 9. (DNF) 55-Mike Thorne[5]; 10. (DNS) 43-Kyle Andress

HRW Automotive Mini Stocks (30 Entries)

A-Main [Started] 15 laps – NT
1. 16-Fabio Olivieri[2]; 2. 76-Shawn Taylor[1]; 3. 1A-Ashton Dickie[16]; 4. 01-Tristan DaSilva[5]; 5. 9-Tim DeBoer[6]; 6. 09-Clinton Barrick[15]; 7. 6X-Mike Sarantakos[24]; 8. 66-Jon Janssens[19]; 9. 4A-Mason Anderson[17]; 10. 54-Christopher French[13]; 11. 1-Jason Tolton[21]; 12. 265-Mike Evers[11]; 13. 11E-Jeff Elsliger[9]; 14. 14Y-Matt Young[26]; 15. 22-Miranda Weiler[23]; 16. 96-Tyler Lafantaisie[14]; 17. 27-Niko Hansen[3]; 18. 11-Mike Giberson[27]; 19. 81D-Crystal Soules[28]; 20. 114-Kyle Rothwell[10]; 21. 14L-John Lubeck[4]; 22. (DNF) 5K-Ken Hair[12]; 23. (DNF) 9K-Kylie Dixon[25]; 24. (DNF) 21H-Ryan Hillar[7]; 25. (DNF) 32L-Grayden Lyons[20]; 26. (DNF) 71-Rob Goulding[18]; 27. (DNF) 7B-Braden Keus[22]; 28. (DNS) 84-Wayde Thorne

Heat Race 1 [Started] 8 laps – 2:53.688
1. 27-Niko Hansen[5]; 2. 11E-Jeff Elsliger[11]; 3. 9-Tim DeBoer[7]; 4. 114-Kyle Rothwell[12]; 5. 76-Shawn Taylor[2]; 6. 265-Mike Evers[9]; 7. 54-Christopher French[4]; 8. 09-Clinton Barrick[8]; 9. 4A-Mason Anderson[10]; 10. 66-Jon Janssens[14]; 11. 7B-Braden Keus[13]; 12. 1-Jason Tolton[1]; 13. 22-Miranda Weiler[15]; 14. 6X-Mike Sarantakos[6]; 15. 11-Mike Giberson[3]

Heat Race 2 [Started] 8 laps – 2:53.353
1. 16-Fabio Olivieri[2]; 2. 14L-John Lubeck[5]; 3. 01-Tristan DaSilva[6]; 4. 21H-Ryan Hillar[7]; 5. 84-Wayde Thorne[10]; 6. 5K-Ken Hair[12]; 7. 96-Tyler Lafantaisie[13]; 8. 1A-Ashton Dickie[11]; 9. 71-Rob Goulding[15]; 10. 32L-Grayden Lyons[1]; 11. 79-Steve Miller[4]; 12. 14Y-Matt Young[14]; 13. 81D-Crystal Soules[9]; 14. 9K-Kylie Dixon[3]; 15. (DNF) 20J-Nathan Joyner[8]

B-Main [Started] 6 laps – 2:12.542
1. 1-Jason Tolton[3]; 2. 7B-Braden Keus[1]; 3. 22-Miranda Weiler[5]; 4. 6X-Mike Sarantakos[7]; 5. 9K-Kylie Dixon[8]; 6. 14Y-Matt Young[4]; 7. 11-Mike Giberson[9]; 8. 81D-Crystal Soules[6]; 9. 20J-Nathan Joyner[10]; 10. (DNS) 79-Steve Miller

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