Photo by Dale Calnan/Image Factor Media

By Carin Sundin

OHSWEKEN, Ont. (September 2, 2018) – The final night of August at Ohsweken Speedway saw a total of 103 cars pit side for Epic Racewear Back to School Backpack night. Dozen of kids enjoyed winning a free Backpack to take back to school courtesy of Epic Racewear that was stuffed with school supplies from various Ohsweken race teams.

The night was one of the busiest of the season as the Kool Kidz-Corr/Pak 360 Sprint Cars ran double features by beginning their night with their rained out July 27 Feature before jumping into the regularly scheduled program. Dylan Westbrook won the July 27 Feature, while his Styres Racing teammate Mikey Kruchka scored the win in the regularly scheduled event.

The Middleport Mechanical Thunder Stocks also ran last week’s postponed 50-lap and $2,000-to-win Gale’s Auto Aftermarket Cash Blast before racing the regularly scheduled event. Chris Hale won one of the biggest races of the year for the Thunder Stocks and then completed the sweep of the night when he claimed the checkered flag in the 20-lap Feature.

Other winners included Holly Porter in the Strickland’s GMC Crate Sprint Car Feature and Matt Nuell won the HRW Automotive Mini Stocks 15-lap Feature.

Kool Kidz-Corr/Pak 360 Sprint Cars

Jim Huppunen and Mikey Kruchka paced the field to the green flag for the Kool Kidz-Corr/Pak 360 Sprint Cars 20-lap make up Feature from July 27. Huppunen quickly took the lead on the bottom before Kruchka wheeled around the high side to gain the lead on lap two. Kruchka was able to hold the lead until a lap five caution and restart that saw Westbrook take over as the leader and DeMan running the top into second spot. The front of the field was maneuvering their way through lap traffic at lap 12 with Westbrook maintaining the lead to take the checkers and win his ninth feature of the season followed by DeMan, Kruchka, Huppunen and Steve Lyons.

The second 20-Lap feature event had Kruchka and Ryan Turner pacing the field of 19 cars on a slick track to the green with Steve Lyons, Jim Huppenen, Dylan Westbrook and Mike Thorne rounding out the front three rows. Kruchka drove hard for the lead with Turner, Huppenen and Lyons giving chase. By lap five the front of the field found themselves in lapped traffic. Huppunen stayed on the bottom and continued to challenge Kruchka. Lap 14 saw Kruchka get up too high on the berm and Huppunen took advantage to take the lead. Huppunen held the lead for the next three laps until Kruchka came around the outside and regained the top position from Huppunen with Lyons, Scott Kreutter and Turner hard on their heels. With one lap remaining, Kruchka continued to run out front while Huppunen and Lyons battled hard for the second spot with Lyons winning the battle. Kruchka took the checkered flag for his first victory this season followed by Lyons, Huppunen, Kreutter and Ryan Turner.

The lineup for the second 20-lap Feature was set using a timed hot lap session, with the top eight in Ohsweken weekly points handicapped into the top eight starting spots and the remaining cars starting based on their hot laps times. Mack DeMan was the Ackland Insurance Top Gun after turning the fastest lap with a time of 13.364 seconds.

Strickland’s GMC Crate Sprint Cars

Holly Porter and Terry Baker set the pace for the Strickland’s GMC Crate Sprint Cars 20-lap Feature. Porter took the lead on the bottom over Baker with Aaron Turkey running the top line for third. Turkey raced Porter for the lead just as a caution came out on lap five. The restart had Porter, Turkey, Baker, Caleb Wood and Jacob Dykstra leading the charge. A yellow flag came out at lap nine for a Brian Nanticoke spin in turn two. Porter held the lead on restart with Turkey, Baker, Dykstra and Paul Klager giving chase and going four-wide for third. Exciting side-by-side racing between Porter and Turkey continued with Turkey taking the lead on the back straightaway on lap 14 just as a yellow flag flew for Trevor Young in corner one. Turkey held the lead on the restart over Porter with Shone Evans and Klager racing wheel-to-wheel and Lucas Smith racing into the top-five. A couple of late cautions and restarts saw Turkey and Porter exchange the lead with Porter regaining the lead on the inside and holding off Turkey to take the win at the checkers. Evans, Klager and Smith rounded out the top-five.

Baker, Porter and Evans were Heat Race winners earlier in the night while Dereck Lemyre won the B-Main.

Middleport Mechanical Thunder Stocks

The ultra-competitive Middleport Mechanical Thunder Stock division had Jay Liverance and Lee Winger bring the field of 28 cars to the green flag for the 50-lap Gale’s Cash Bash. Liverance and Winger raced for the lead but two back-to-back cautions in the first two laps had them restarting on the front row and saw Mark Bauzin being removed on the flatbed, effectively ending his run for the Cash Blast.

On the restart Winger quickly gained the lead over Liverance with Aaron Turkey, Chris Dickie and Chris Hale running hard behind him. The action was furious as all the drivers jockeyed for position. A lap six caution saw Donny Lampman sideways in the top of turn two. Contact between Hale and Lampman saw Hale head to the pits with Lampman’s tire under his front bumper. The Hale crew quickly got the No.79 back on the track at the tail of the lead lap. The restart had Winger in front with Dickie, Dave Bailey and Steve Vanderzdan giving chase. By lap eight Bailey had taken the lead over Winger. Despite several cautions, Bailey continued to maintain a straightaway lead while Trevor DeBoer and Hale ran side-by-side at lap 33 for second. Bailey ran his line on the top and Hale, who was looking for an advantage, ran the bottom. The race between them continued till lap 42 when Hale used to the bottom and took over the lead from Bailey with Mark Fawcett hanging in third and waiting for an opening. As the top cars weaved through lapped traffic, Hale stayed out front to take the checkers over Dave Bailey, Mark Fawcett, Ryan Dinning and Trevor DeBoer and win the $2000 Gale’s Cash Blast purse.

The second feature for the Middleport Mechanical Thunderstocks saw 28 cars line up for the 20-lap event with Aaron Rewutzsky and Liverance taking the green at the front of the field. Liverance led the charge but contact between Brian Teeple and Rob Hoskins had the field lining up for a restart and Rewutzsky took advantage to regain the point. Contact between Liverance and Dinning saw Liverance go tail for intentional contact while Bauzin and Billy Bleich suffered collateral damage.

Rewutzsky, Jim Lampman, Dickie, Hale, Blake Bomberry and Ken Sargent led the charge on the restart. Rewutzsky got too high and Hale charged through the opening to take the lead with Sargent on his bumper. A lap nine melee when Vanderzdan spun in the top of turn four saw several cars sustain damage and Dickie being towed off the track. The restart had Hale out front and Sargent, Ryan Beagle, Blake Bomberry hard behind him. By lap 15, Hale had opened a lead of several car lengths when a late caution came out on lap 17 that found Vanderzdan being penalized for an intentional caution. Hale stayed out front on the restart with Beagle and Dave Bailey battling side by side for second, Sargent, Bomberry and Jon Lowenberg raced hard behind them. Hale held the lead to take his second victory of the night with Dave Bailey, Ryan Beagle, Jon Lowenberg and Blake Bomberry rounding out the top-five.

Vanderzdan won the B-Main earlier in the night after the lineup for the second feature was set by handicapping for the top-15 cars in points in attendance.

HRW Automotive Mini Stocks

The unpredictable HRW Automotive Mini Stock Feature had Tim Jamieson and Cody Sommerville line-up on the front row for the 15-lap Feature event. Jamieson ran to the lead with the drivers fanning out four-wide behind him. Matt Nuell took over the lead from Jamieson on lap two with Wayde Thorne, Kevin Thorne, Jonathon Ayrton, Dusty DeBoer, Martin Schroeder, Sommerville and Jason Tolton racing hard in a pack behind him. A red flag on lap four saw the points leader Gillian Hils go around in turn one and take hits from multiple drivers. All the drivers were unhurt but Hils and Tim Nuell received sufficient damage that ended their nights. The restart saw Nuell and Ayrton on the front row and race into turn one with Nuell regained the lead as Ayrton and Dusty DeBoer raced single file behind him. Nuell, Ayrton and DeBoer quickly separated themselves from the rest of the pack by several car lengths while the battle continued for the remaining top-five positions. Nuell stayed out front to lead the remainder of the race and claim the win at the checkers followed by Jonathon Ayrton, Dusty DeBoer, Tim DeBoer and Brandon Janssens.

Kevin Thorne, Matt Nuell, Jason Tolton and Jon Janssens took heat race victories to begin the night while Rob Twitchett won the B-Main.

Gale’s Performer of the Week

The Gale’s Auto Aftermarket Performer of the Week was awarded as a surprise on Friday night to the entire Ohsweken Speedway safety team. The team work’s a thankless job each week and often swelters in the summer heat while wearing full fire suits in order to be ready to respond to any on track issues. On Friday, August 24 they were forced to respond to several Sprint Car wrecks and worked tirelessly to ensure all drivers were safely removed from their cars. Ohsweken’s safety team earned the recognition they deserve as one of the best safety teams in all of motorsports.

Up Next at Ohsweken Speedway

Ohsweken Speedway returns to action on Friday, September 7 for Insta-Panels night which also marks championship night for the Kool Kidz-Corr/Pak 360 Sprint Cars and the Strickland’s GMC Crate Sprint Cars. The race will be a combined points event for the Strickland’s GMC Crate Sprint Cars and the Action Sprint Tour powered by RaceRivalz.com, who will crown their inaugural tour champion. The Middleport Mechanical Thunder Stocks and HRW Automotive Mini Stocks will also be in action with 20-lap and 15-lap Features, respectively. Fans will have a chance to buy their favourite drivers merchandise in the Racers’ Marketplace behind the main grandstand beginning at 6:00pm. Race time is 7:30pm and adult admission is just $14 and children 12 and under are $3 or less. For additional event information, visit www.ohswekenspeedway.ca.


Ohsweken Speedway Race Report
August 31, 2018
Ohsweken, Ontario, Canada
Insta-Panels night featuring the Gale’s Auto Aftermarket Cash Blast
Total Entries – 103


Kool Kidz-Corr/Pak 360 Sprint Cars (18 Entries)

A-Feature From July 27 (20 laps – 5:15.134)
Finish. Number Name (Starting Position)
1. 47x Dylan Westbrook (4); 2. 17x Mack DeMan (3); 3. 0 Mikey Kruchka (2); 4. 14h Jim Huppunen (1); 5. 9 Steve Lyons (9); 6. 91 Ryan Turner (6); 7. 97 Cory Turner (8); 8. 0c Cole MacDonald (17); 9. 90 Travis Cunningham (20); 10. 55 Mike Thorne (14); 11. 11 Jamie Turner (13); 12. 15 Dan Nanticoke (15); 13. 21 John Burbridge Jr. (11); 14. 71s Shawn Sliter (7); 15. 21J Curtis Gartly (19); 16. DNS 80 Chris Steele (5); 17. DNS 38 Tyler Hendricks (10); 18. DNS 5c Conor Mahoney (12); 19. DNS 43 Scott Sherk (16); 20. DNS 21J John Burbridge Sr. (18)
A-Feature Lap Leaders – Mikey Kruchka 1-5; Dylan Westbrook 6-20
Hard Charger – Cole MacDonald +9 (17th to 8th)


A-Feature (20 laps – 5:43.572)
Finish. Number Name (Starting Position)
1. 0 Mikey Kruchka; 2. 9 Steve Lyons; 3. 14h Jim Huppunen; 4. 49x Scott Kreutter; 5. 91 Ryan Turner; 6. 47x Dylan Westbrook; 7. 17x Mack DeMan; 8. 97 Cory Turner; 9. 90 Travis Cunningham; 10. 55 Mike Thorne; 11. 0c Cole MacDonald; 12. 71s Shawn Sliter; 13. 21 John Burbridge Jr.; 14. 11 Jamie Turner; 15. 81 Derek Jonathan; 16. 21j Curtis Gartly; 17. 44 Barry Dunn; 18. 15 Dan Nanticoke; 19. 9b Scott Burk
A-Feature Lap Leaders – Mikey Kruchka 1-14, 17-20; Jim Huppunen 15-16

Timed Hot Laps: 1. 17x Mack DeMan – 13.364; 2. 97 Cory Turner – 13.838; 3. 47x Dylan Westbrook 13.855; 4. 0 Mikey Kruchka – 13.894; 5. 9 Steve Lyons – 13.927; 6. 49x Scott Kreutter – 14.105; 7. 14h Jim Huppunen – 14.125; 8. 55 Mike Thorne – 14.173; 9. 80 Chris Steele – 14.353; 10. 90 Travis Cunningham – 14.570; 11. 11 Jamie Turner – 14. 837; 12. 21j Curtis Gartly – 14.708; 13. 71s Shawn Sliter – 14.837; 14. 15 Dan Nanticoke – 14.843; 15. 21 John Burbridge Jr. – 14.855; 16. 9c Scott Burk – 14.863; 17. 81 Derek Jonathan – 15.036; 18. 44 Barry Dunn – 15.044;

Ackland Insurance Top Gun: Mack DeMan


Strickland’s GMC Crate Sprint Cars (27 Entries)

A-Feature (20 laps – No Time)
Finish. # Name (Starting Position)
1. 1 Holly Porter; 2. 68 Aaron Turkey; 3. 87x Shone Evans; 4. 1eh Paul Klager; 5. 49L Lucas Smith; 6. 5d Jacob Dykstra; 7. 56 Dereck Lemyre; 8. 4 Hannah Ferrell; 9. 5 DJ Christie; 10. 88h Josh Hansen; 11. 70 Baily Heard; 12. 26 Terry Baker; 13. 12 Brad Herron; 14. 29 Liam Martin; 15. 3b Blaine Barrow; 16. 74 Rob Neely; 17. 28 Jordan Hill; 18. 9 Paul Ballantyne; 19. 51 Trevor Young; 20. 7 Caleb Wood; 21. 6m Eric McGlone; 22. 9c Brian Nanticoke; 23. DNF 18x Davey Boughton; 24. DNF 69 Josh Hill
A-Feature Lap Leaders – Holly Porter 1-13, 18-20; Aaron Turkey 14-17

Heat Race No.1 (8 laps – Top 6 Transfer –2:06.957)
Finish. # Name
1. 26 Terry Baker; 2. 68 Aaron Turkey; 3. 49L Lucas Smith; 4. 88h Josh Hansen; 5. 29 Liam Martin; 28 Jordan Hill; 7. 08 Steven Beckett; 8. 9c Brian Nanticoke; 9. DNF 24 Jeff Newham

Heat Race No.2 (8 laps – Top 6 Transfer – 2:08.910)
Finish. # Name
1. 1 Holly Porter; 2. 3b Blaine Barrow; 3. 5d Jacob Dykstra; 4. 6m Eric McGlone; 5. 12 Brad Herron; 6. 74 Rob Neely; 7. 18x Davey Boughton; 8. 69 Josh Hill; 9. 9 Paul Ballantyne

Heat Race No.3 (8 laps – Top 6 Transfer – No Time)
Finish. # Name
1. 87x Shone Evans; 2. 7 Caleb Wood; 3. 1eh Paul Klager; 4. 51 Trevor Young; 5. 70 Baily Heard; 6. 4 Hannah Ferrell; 7. 5 DJ Christie; 8. 56 Dereck Lemyre; 9. DNF 22 Al Gilletta Jr.

B-Feature (12 laps – Top 6 Transfer – 4:38.319)
Finish. # Name
1. 56 Dereck Lemyre; 2. 5 DJ Christie; 3. 9c Brian Nanticoke; 4. 18x Davey Boughton; 5. 9 Paul Ballantyne; 6. 69 Josh Hill; 7. 08 Steven Beckett; 8. 22 Al Gilletta Jr.; 9. 24 Jeff Newham


Middleport Mechanical Thunder Stocks (27 entries)

Gale’s Cash Blast A-Feature from August 24 (50 laps – No Time)
1. 79 Christopher Hale (10); 2. 49 Dave Bailey (15); 3. 32 Mark Fawcett (19); 4. 23 Trevor DeBoer (12); 5. 88 Ryan Dinning (23); 6. 53 Logan Shwedyk (21); 7. 108 Billy Bleich Jr. (13); 8. 28 Jim Lampman (7); 9. 2 Lee Winger (2); 10. 26 Mike Ferguson (18); 11. 7k Kevin Kocarik (20); 12. 24 Blake Bomberry Jr. (9); 13. 1 Chris Dickie (8); 14. 46 Kevin Pauls (3); 15. 3c Devon Bacher (25); 16. 84rk Ryan Beagle (14); 17. 11x Sam Iftody (26); 18. 25 Ken Sargent (11); 19. 77 Brett Rodwell (16); 20. 93 Melissa Miller (27); 21. 52 Tony Fraser (28); 22. 40 Jay Liverance (1); 23. DNF 74 Steve Vanderzdan (6); 24. DNF 11 Brian Teeple (5); 25. DNF 38 Frank Turkey Jr. (4); 26. DNF 93k Mike Klazinga (17); 27. DNF 28D Donny Lampman (24); 28. DNF 21x Mark Bazuin (22)
A-Feature Lap Leaders – Lee Winger 1-8; Dave Bailey 9-41; Chris Hale 42-50
Hard Charger – Ryan Dinning +18 (23rd to 5th)


A-Feature (20 laps – No Time)
Finish. # Name (Starting Position)
1. 79 Chris Hale; 2. 49 Dave Bailey; 3. 84rk Ryan Beagle; 4. 14 Jonny Lowenberg; 5. 24 Blake Bomberry Jr.; 6. 25 Ken Sargent; 7. 88 Ryan Dinning; 8. 28 Jim Lampman; 9. 32 Mark Fawcett; 10. 52 Tony Fraser; 11. 23 Trevor DeBoer; 12. 40 Jay Liverance; 13. 4 Aaron Rewutzsky. 14. 53 Logan Shwedyk; 15. 46 Kevin Pauls; 16. 28d Donny Lampman; 17. 11x Sam Iftody; 18. 7k Kevin Kocarik; 19. 11 Brian Teeple; 20. 13 Kacey Huffman; 21. 74 Steve Vanderzdan; 22. 1 Chris Dickie; 23. 21x Mark Bazuin; 24. 108 Billy Bleich Jr.; 25. 2 Lee Winger; 26. 18 Kyle Andress; 27. 37h Rob Hoskins
A-Feature Lap Leaders – Jay Liverance 1; Aaron Rewutzsky 2; Chris Hale 3-20

Timed Hot Laps: 1. 49 Dave Bailey – 19.386; 2. 79 Chris Hale – 19.457; 3. 84rk Ryan Beagle – 19.543; 4. 37h Rob Hoskins – 19.556; 5. 53 Logan Shwedyk – 19.774; 6. 29 Jim Lampman – 19.806; 7. 88 Ryan Dinning – 19.912; 8. 32 Mark Fawcett – 20.020; 9. 93 Melissa Miller – 20.149; 10. 14 Jonny Lowenberg – 20.533; 11. 28d Donny Lampman – 20.674; 12. 40 Jay Liverance – 20.772; 13. 7k Kevin Kocarik – 20.931; 14. 38 Frank Turkey Jr. – 22.097; 15. 18 Kyle Andress – 23.590;

B-Feature (10 laps – All Transfer – No Time)
Finish. # Name (Starting Position)
1. 74 Steve Vanderzdan; 2. 2 Lee Winger; 3. 52 Tony Fraser; 4. 7k Kevin Kocarik; 5. 11 Brian Teeple; 6. 28d Donny Lampman; 7. 14 Jonny Lowenberg; 8. 32 Mark Fawcett; 9. 11x Sam Iftody; 10. 18 Kyle Andress; 11. 26 Mike Ferguson; 12. 3c Devon Bacher; 13. DNS 77 Brett Rodwell

HRW Automotive Mini Stocks (31 Entries)

A-Feature (20 laps – No TIme)
Finish. # Name (Starting Position)
1. 2 Matt Nuell; 2. 21 Jonathan Ayrton; 3. 23 Dusty DeBoer; 4. 9 Tim DeBoer; 5. 66 Jon Janssens; 6. 60 Martin Schroeder; 7. 1 Jason Tolton; 8. 15 Sean Iftody; 9. 01p Adam Plazek; 10. 22 Kyle Haynes; 11. 188x Tim Jamieson; 12. 6 Jason Dixon; 13. 96 Brian Crosgrove; 14. 11p Patrick Abrahamsson; 15. 69 Rob Twitchett; 16. 4 Wayde Thorne; 17. 6x Mike Sarantakos; 18. 3 Kevin Thorne; 19. 517 Cody Sommerville; 20. 188 Paul Longboat; 21. 11 Mike Giberson; 22. 13 Daniel McKay; 23. 10 Ben Buchwald; 24. 19 Kyle Wert; 25. 32 Gillian Hils; 26. 54 Christopher French; 27. 26 Tim Nuell
A-Feature Lap Leaders – Tim Jamieson 1-2, Matt Nuell 3-15
Hard Charger – Jon Janssens +14 (19th to 5th)

Heat Race No.1 (6 laps – Top 5 Transfer – 2:18.580)
Finish. # Name (Starting Position)
1. 3 Kevin Thorne; 2. 4 Wayde Thorne; 3. 517 Cody Sommerville; 4. 188x Tim Jamieson; 5. 11 Mike Giberson; 6. 05 Dave Goodacre; 7. 11e Jeff Elsliger;

Heat Race No.2 (6 laps – Top 5 Transfer – 2:14.844)
Finish. # Name (Starting Position)
1. 2 Matt Nuell; 2. 96 Brian Crosgrove; 3. 23 Dusty DeBoer; 4. 60 Martin Schroeder; 5. 21 Jonathan Ayrton; 6. 13 Daniel McKay; 7. 11p Patrick Abrahamsson; 8. 01 Tristan Da Silva; 9. 69 Rob Twitchett

Heat Race No.3 (6 laps – Top 5 Transfer – 2:11.657)
Finish. # Name (Starting Position)
1. 1 Jason Tolton; 2. 32 Gillian Hils; 3. 9 Tim DeBoer; 4. 15 Dean Iftody; 5. 6 Jason Dixon; 6. 6x Mike Sarantakos; 7. 17 Mike Taylor; 8. 16j Jeremy May

Heat Race No.4 (6 laps – Top 5 Transfer – 2:14.863)
Finish. # Name (Starting Position)
1. 66 Jon Janssens; 2. 19 Kyle Wert; 3. 22 Kyle Haynes; 4. 10 Ben Buchwald; 5. 54 Christopher French; 6. 26 Tim Nuell; 7. 73 Jordan Morris

B-Feature (8 laps – Top 8 Transfer – No Time)
Finish. # Name (Starting Position)
1. 69 Rob Twitchett; 2. 11p Patrick Abrahamsson; 3. 13 Daniel McKay; 4. 01p Adam Plazek; 5. 188 Paul Longboat; 6. 26 Tim Nuell; 7. 6x Mike Sarantakos; 8. 17 Mike Taylor; 9. 11e Jeff Elsliger; 10. 01 Trsitan Da Silva; 11. 05 Dave Goodacre; 12. 16j Jeremy May


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