By Brent Otchere

OHSWEKEN, Ont. (June 30, 2023) – O’Neil’s Farm Equipment and Case IH presented Agriculture Night on Friday at Ohsweken Speedway; Dylan Westbrook, Mack DeMan, Josh Powers, Jens Mortensen, Trevor DeBoer, and Fabio Olivieri took A-Main wins.

Kool Kidz-Corr/Pak 360 Sprint Cars
The front row of the grid featured Holly Porter and Mike Bowman to begin the 25 lap 360 Sprint Car A-Main. Bowman had a better start than his GSR teammate, Porter, and took the lead. Kevin Pauls brought out the first caution after coming to a stop in turn four. Bowman had an even better restart, quickly putting ground between himself and the rest of the field. As Bowman was enjoying a four second lead, the battle for second position was brewing between Josh Hansen, Ryan Turner, and Dylan Westbrook.

Bowman was poised to win his first 360 Sprint Car race as there were only a handful of laps left, but an untimely yellow flew due to a stopped Tyeller Powless. The veteran Westbrook had an amazing restart and caught Bowman off guard and assumed the lead, which proved to be the winning move. Westbrook finished first, Bowman second, D.J. Christie third, Ryan Turner fourth, and Mitch Brown fifth. Ryan Turner now leads the championship standings over his brother Cory Turner by 13 points.

Strickland’s Crate Sprint Cars
Steve Murdock started on pole with Jesse Costa next to him for the 20 lap Crate Sprint Car A-Main. Jesse Costa gained the lead on the first lap, however a red flag quickly appeared as Trevor Young flipped his in turn three on lap two. Fortunately Young was able to walk away from the wreck unharmed. Brett Stratford had a strong restart and took a commanding lead over the field. The second caution of the night was due to Rob Neely hitting the inside wall of turn two and spinning to a stop. Stratford had a poor restart as his nose wing was pointing the wrong way, dampening his cornering speed.

Costa capitalized on Stratford’s misfortune, taking the lead once more. Costa’s two second buffer evaporated as Murdock, Travis Hofstetter, and Austin Roes tangled, bringing out a caution with four laps left to go. Mack DeMan had a better restart than Costa, however another caution came out with only two laps left due to Victor Bomberry spinning out on the front stretch. Costa tried to get the lead back but came up short as DeMan drove himself to victory lane for his second consecutive win. Costa crossed the finish line in second, Stratford third, Curtis Gartly fourth, and Lance Erskine fifth. DeMan leads over Stratford by 48 points in the overall standings.

Middleport Mechanical Thunder Stocks
Christopher Hale and Mark Fawcett brought the 28 car field to the green flag for the 20 lap Thunder Stock A-Main. Fawcett led the first laps enjoying the clean air, while drivers in the mid field were all battling for position, often going three wide into the turns. Lap eight saw an epic battle between Hale and Kyle Wert for the third spot. In the meantime, Dave Bailey could be seen making calculated moves to get through the field and into the top five. Trevor DeBoer ran down the leader and overtook Fawcett with four laps to go. Mike Klazinga brought out the caution on the last lap, setting up a green-white-checkered finish. DeBoer edged out Fawcett for the lead and took the win. Wert crossed the line second, but was given a two position penalty for a restart infraction. Fawcett therefore took second place, while Bailey moved up to third, Wert fourth, and Rodney Rutherford rounding out the top five. Wert leads over DeBoer by 25 points in the overall standings.

HRW Automotive Mini Stocks
Nick Erskine started on pole alongside Fabio Olivieri to take the green flag for the 15 lap Mini Stock A-Main. Olivieri led the first lap over Erskine while the rest of the field jockeyed for their respective positions. Lap six saw a three-way battle for second place between Tristan DaSilva, Shawn Taylor, and Wayde Thorne. Points leader Ryan Hillar was having a lackluster race, unable to crack the top ten. The race ran caution-free and saw Olivieri grab the A-Main victory. Thorne raced himself to a respectable second place after starting tenth on the grid. DaSilva finished in third, Paul Longboat in fourth, and Taylor in fifth. Hillar leads over Mike Sarantakos by six points in the overall standings.

Eastern Ontario Vintage Stock Car Club
Ian Gordon and Steve Billings started on the front row to start the 15 lap Vintage Modifieds A-Main. This race featured two classes of vintage modifieds competing together – 50’s-60’s era cars in one class, and 70’s-80’s era cars in the other. Billings edged out Gordon to lead the first lap over the field, while the rest of the competitors settled into their positions as the race progressed. The only caution of the race came out for a stopped Greg Hale. Josh Powers hunted down Billings to make a last lap pass for the win. Powers finished first in the overall race and first for 70’s-80’s era cars, while Jens Mortensen finished first in the 50’s-60’s era class.

Up Next at Ohsweken Speedway
Strickland’s presents Drive Safe, Ride Safe, Race Safe Bicycle Night on Friday, July 7, featuring the Kool Kidz-Corr/Pak 360 Sprint Cars, Stickland’s Crate Sprint Cars, Middleport Mechanical Thunder Stocks, and HRW Automotive Mini Stocks. Visit www.ohswekenspeedway.ca for more information.

Ohsweken Speedway Statistical Report
Friday, June 30, 2023
Ohsweken, Ontario, Canada
O’Neil’s and Case IH Present Agriculture Night
Total Entries: 141

Kool Kidz-Corr/Pak 360 Sprint Cars (25 Entries)

A-Main [Started] 25 laps – NT
1. 47X-Dylan Westbrook[8]; 2. 71-Mike Bowman[2]; 3. 5-DJ Christie[10]; 4. 15-Ryan Turner[3]; 5. 10-Mitch Brown[4]; 6. 45-Nick Sheridan[15]; 7. 9-Liam Martin[9]; 8. 17X-Cory Turner[18]; 9. 12DD-Darren Dryden[7]; 10. 1-Holly Porter[1]; 11. 90-Travis Cunningham[12]; 12. 7-Eric Gledhill[11]; 13. 19D-Allan Downey[14]; 14. 81-Derek Jonathan[17]; 15. 87X-Shone Evans[6]; 16. 70-Baily Heard[13]; 17. 49L-Lucas Smith[16]; 18. 11-Jamie Turner[21]; 19. 0-Glenn Styres[24]; 20. 21-John Burbridge Jr[22]; 21. 70M&M-Dave McKnight Jr[23]; 22. 46-Kevin Pauls[20]; 23. (DNF) 77T-Tyeller Powless[19]; 24. (DNF) 88H-Josh Hansen[5]
Hard Charger – Cory Turner +10

Heat Race 1 [Started] 8 laps – NT
1. 10-Mitch Brown[1]; 2. 15-Ryan Turner[3]; 3. 5-DJ Christie[4]; 4. 70-Baily Heard[2]; 5. 90-Travis Cunningham[6]; 6. 19D-Allan Downey[8]; 7. 11-Jamie Turner[5]; 8. 46-Kevin Pauls[9]; 9. 0-Glenn Styres[7]

Heat Race 2 [Started] 8 laps – NT
1. 71-Mike Bowman[1]; 2. 88H-Josh Hansen[2]; 3. 1-Holly Porter[6]; 4. 12DD-Darren Dryden[7]; 5. 81-Derek Jonathan[4]; 6. 17X-Cory Turner[5]; 7. 77T-Tyeller Powless[8]; 8. 70M&M-Dave McKnight Jr[3]

Heat Race 3 [Started] 8 laps – NT
1. 87X-Shone Evans[4]; 2. 9-Liam Martin[1]; 3. 47X-Dylan Westbrook[7]; 4. 7-Eric Gledhill[6]; 5. 49L-Lucas Smith[5]; 6. 45-Nick Sheridan[8]; 7. 21-John Burbridge Jr[2]; 8. (DNF) 68-Aaron Turkey[3]

Strickland’s Crate Sprint Cars (32 Entries)

A-Main [Started] 20 laps – NT
1. 4-Mack DeMan[5]; 2. 52-Jesse Costa[2]; 3. BS39-Brett Stratford[3]; 4. 45-Curtis Gartly[4]; 5. 88-Lance Erskine[8]; 6. 20-Johnny Miller[11]; 7. 94-Ryan Fraser[14]; 8. 97-Sheldon Bender[16]; 9. 72-Tanner Podwinski[9]; 10. 71C-John Cadman[13]; 11. 77E-Ashton VanEvery[17]; 12. 14-Larry Gledhill[10]; 13. 9C-Brian Nanticoke[24]; 14. 28-Cameron Thomson[18]; 15. 14W-Greg Wilson[7]; 16. 85C-Cam MacKinnon[20]; 17. 3S-Austin Roes[12]; 18. 16X-Keegan Baker[15]; 19. 777A-Tyler Willard[21]; 20. 74-Rob Neely[6]; 21. 4B-Darrell Pelletier[19]; 22. 00-Greg Smulders[26]; 23. 11W-Jeremy May[27]; 24. 420-Victor Bomberry[28]; 25. (DNF) 2M-Steve Murdock[1]; 26. (DNF) 2-Travis Hofstetter[22]; 27. (DNF) MK8-Matt Hill[23]; 28. (DNF) 51-Trevor Young[25]
Hard Charger – Sheldon Bender +8

Heat Race 1 [Started] 8 laps – 2:03.871
1. 14W-Greg Wilson[1]; 2. 14-Larry Gledhill[2]; 3. 72-Tanner Podwinski[5]; 4. 74-Rob Neely[8]; 5. 85C-Cam MacKinnon[3]; 6. 777A-Tyler Willard[6]; 7. 50LS-Adrian Stahle[7]; 8. (DNF) 31-Dale Curran[4]

Heat Race 2 [Started] 8 laps – NT
1. 2M-Steve Murdock[4]; 2. 52-Jesse Costa[3]; 3. 94-Ryan Fraser[1]; 4. 77E-Ashton VanEvery[2]; 5. 28-Cameron Thomson[5]; 6. 2-Travis Hofstetter[6]; 7. 51-Trevor Young[7]; 8. (DNS) 29W-Tyler Ward

Heat Race 3 [Started] 8 laps – 2:00.647
1. 4-Mack DeMan[1]; 2. BS39-Brett Stratford[8]; 3. 3S-Austin Roes[3]; 4. 71C-John Cadman[5]; 5. 97-Sheldon Bender[6]; 6. 9C-Brian Nanticoke[2]; 7. 00-Greg Smulders[4]; 8. 420-Victor Bomberry[7]

Heat Race 4 [Started] 8 laps – 2:05.666
1. 88-Lance Erskine[1]; 2. 20-Johnny Miller[2]; 3. 45-Curtis Gartly[6]; 4. 16X-Keegan Baker[4]; 5. 4B-Darrell Pelletier[5]; 6. MK8-Matt Hill[3]; 7. 11W-Jeremy May[7]; 8. (DNS) 99-Joshua Hill

B-Main [Started] 4 laps – 1:03.833 NTR
1. 51-Trevor Young[2]; 2. 00-Greg Smulders[3]; 3. 11W-Jeremy May[4]; 4. 420-Victor Bomberry[7]; 5. (DNF) 31-Dale Curran[5]; 6. (DNS) 50LS-Adrian Stahle; 7. (DNS) 29W-Tyler Ward; 8. (DNS) 99-Joshua Hill

Middleport Mechanical Thunder Stocks (31 Entries)

A-Main [Started] 20 laps – NT
1. 23-Trevor DeBoer[9]; 2. 32-Mark Fawcett[2]; 3. 49-Dave Bailey[17]; 4. 19-Kyle Wert[11]; 5. 24R-Rodney Rutherford[18]; 6. 97-Ron Loggie[10]; 7. 79-Christopher Hale[1]; 8. 8-Ryan Dinning[14]; 9. 427-Tim Phalen[6]; 10. 37-Robert Hoskins[15]; 11. 28-Jim Lampman[7]; 12. 53-Logan Shwedyk[12]; 13. 0-Tyler French[19]; 14. 196-Tyler Lafantaise[3]; 15. 25-Ken Sargent[13]; 16. 11R-Bryce Richardson[8]; 17. 93-Melissa Miller[23]; 18. 07-Scott McPhail[21]; 19. 43-Kyle Andress[28]; 20. 13-Kacey Huffman[25]; 21. 5G-Darcy Grant[24]; 22. 26-Jonah Mutton[20]; 23. (DNF) 93K-Mike Klazinga[16]; 24. (DNF) 17W-Travis Whittal[4]; 25. (DNF) 11-Gofast Teeple[22]; 26. (DNF) 55-Mike Thorne[5]; 27. (DNF) 96O-John Overholt[26]; 28. (DNF) 76-Jamie Goudge[27]
Hard Charger – Dave Bailey +14

Heat Race 1 [Started] 10 laps – 3:28.641
1. 32-Mark Fawcett[2]; 2. 19-Kyle Wert[10]; 3. 28-Jim Lampman[8]; 4. 24R-Rodney Rutherford[14]; 5. 25-Ken Sargent[11]; 6. 17W-Travis Whittal[6]; 7. 0-Tyler French[15]; 8. 23-Trevor DeBoer[9]; 9. 37-Robert Hoskins[12]; 10. 93K-Mike Klazinga[13]; 11. 07-Scott McPhail[7]; 12. 93-Melissa Miller[5]; 13. 11-Gofast Teeple[4]; 14. 13-Kacey Huffman[3]; 15. 96O-John Overholt[1]; 16. 76-Jamie Goudge[16]

Heat Race 2 [Started] 10 laps – NT
1. 8-Ryan Dinning[11]; 2. 79-Christopher Hale[1]; 3. 97-Ron Loggie[9]; 4. 55-Mike Thorne[6]; 5. 49-Dave Bailey[13]; 6. 53-Logan Shwedyk[10]; 7. 11R-Bryce Richardson[8]; 8. 26-Jonah Mutton[15]; 9. 196-Tyler Lafantaise[2]; 10. 427-Tim Phalen[7]; 11. 43-Kyle Andress[4]; 12. (DNF) 28D-Donny Lampman[3]; 13. (DNF) 5G-Darcy Grant[14]; 14. (DNF) 84RK-Ryan Beagle[12]; 15. (DQ) 03-George Grosul[5]

B-Main [Started] 6 laps – 2:04.000 NTR
1. 07-Scott McPhail[1]; 2. 11-Gofast Teeple[5]; 3. 93-Melissa Miller[3]; 4. 5G-Darcy Grant[6]; 5. 13-Kacey Huffman[7]; 6. 96O-John Overholt[9]; 7. 76-Jamie Goudge[10]; 8. 43-Kyle Andress[2]; 9. (DNS) 28D-Donny Lampman; 10. (DNS) 03-George Grosul; 11. (DNS) 84RK-Ryan Beagle

HRW Automotive Mini Stocks (28 Entries)

A-Main [Started] 15 laps – 5:21.443
1. 16-Fabio Olivieri[2]; 2. 4-Wayde Thorne[10]; 3. 1A-Ashton Dickie[14]; 4. 01-Tristan DaSilva[3]; 5. 11E-Jeff Elsliger[7]; 6. 6X-Mike Sarantakos[13]; 7. 5K-Ken Hair[16]; 8. 17-Alex Riley[17]; 9. 9-Tim DeBoer[6]; 10. 14L-John Lubeck[11]; 11. 21H-Ryan Hillar[15]; 12. 34-Randy Alway[18]; 13. 188-Paul Longboat[4]; 14. 4A-Mason Anderson[19]; 15. 54-Christopher French[23]; 16. 1-Jason Tolton[12]; 17. 7B-Braden Keus[9]; 18. 76-Shawn Taylor[5]; 19. 79-Steve Miller[21]; 20. 14DD-Dustin Duga[20]; 21. 64-Nick Erskine[1]; 22. 20J-Nathan Joyner[22]; 23. 9K-Kylie Dixon[25]; 24. (DNF) 265-Mike Evers[8]; 25. (DNF) 11-Mike Giberson[28]; 26. (DNF) 88-Steve Conway[24]; 27. (DNF) 27-Niko Hansen[26]; 28. (DNS) 66-Martin Schroder
Hard Charger – Ashton Dickie +11

Heat Race 1 [Started] 8 laps – 2:50.690 NTR
1. 16-Fabio Olivieri[3]; 2. 188-Paul Longboat[4]; 3. 1A-Ashton Dickie[11]; 4. 64-Nick Erskine[1]; 5. 4-Wayde Thorne[8]; 6. 4A-Mason Anderson[14]; 7. 265-Mike Evers[7]; 8. 9-Tim DeBoer[5]; 9. 17-Alex Riley[13]; 10. 5K-Ken Hair[12]; 11. 79-Steve Miller[6]; 12. 54-Christopher French[9]; 13. 9K-Kylie Dixon[2]; 14. (DNS) 66-Martin Schroder

Heat Race 2 [Started] 8 laps – NT
1. 01-Tristan DaSilva[3]; 2. 6X-Mike Sarantakos[10]; 3. 11E-Jeff Elsliger[5]; 4. 21H-Ryan Hillar[11]; 5. 14L-John Lubeck[8]; 6. 34-Randy Alway[13]; 7. 1-Jason Tolton[9]; 8. 14DD-Dustin Duga[14]; 9. 76-Shawn Taylor[4]; 10. 7B-Braden Keus[7]; 11. 20J-Nathan Joyner[12]; 12. 88-Steve Conway[2]; 13. (DNF) 27-Niko Hansen[6]; 14. (DNF) 11-Mike Giberson[1]

Eastern Ontario Vintage Stock Car Club (25 Entries)
A-Main [Started] 15 laps – NT
1. 73-Josh Powers[5]; 2. 84-Steve Billings[2]; 3. 17IG-Ian Gordon[1]; 4. TEN-Dave Small[6]; 5. 9J-Jason Riddell[4]; 6. 9D-Doug Gordon[13]; 7. 9G-Gavin Riddell[3]; 8. 07-Mark Shadwell[11]; 9. 53-Bill Profota[7]; 10. 67S-Evan Curtis[9]; 11. 68-Jens Mortensen[14]; 12. 9I-Andy Imbeault[8]; 13. 2-Billy “Ace” Montreuil[21]; 14. 601-Jeffery Larment[18]; 15. 63-Pete Stapper[16]; 16. 41-Tim Natalino[10]; 17. 83V-Joe Hilts[19]; 18. 6-Jeff Cledgett[17]; 19. 00-Darrell Wilson[22]; 20. (DNF) 10-Paul Billings[12]; 21. (DNF) 28G-Greg Hale[15]; 22. (DNF) 38-Dexter Billings[20]; 23. (DNS) 911-Derek Liverance
Hard Charger – Billy “Ace” Montreuil +8

Heat Race 1 [Started] 6 laps – 1:48.395
1. 17IG-Ian Gordon[1]; 2. 9G-Gavin Riddell[3]; 3. 73-Josh Powers[4]; 4. 53-Bill Profota[5]; 5. 67S-Evan Curtis[2]

Heat Race 2 [Started] 6 laps – 1:48.299 NTR
1. 84-Steve Billings[1]; 2. 9J-Jason Riddell[2]; 3. TEN-Dave Small[3]; 4. 9I-Andy Imbeault[5]; 5. 41-Tim Natalino[6]; 6. 07-Mark Shadwell[8]; 7. 10-Paul Billings[4]; 8. 9D-Doug Gordon[7]

Heat Race 3 [Started] 5 laps – 1:36.241 NTR
1. 68-Jens Mortensen[1]; 2. 6-Jeff Cledgett[2]; 3. 83V-Joe Hilts[5]; 4. 2-Billy “Ace” Montreuil[3]; 5. (DNF) 911-Derek Liverance[4]

Heat Race 4 [Started] 6 laps – 1:54.754
1. 28G-Greg Hale[5]; 2. 63-Pete Stapper[4]; 3. 601-Jeffery Larment[1]; 4. 38-Dexter Billings[2]; 5. 00-Darrell Wilson[3]


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