Ohsweken Speedway has been a major part of our lives for the past eight seasons which makes this decision extremely mixed.

Effective immediately, we will be resigning from all of our duties including promotional, daily administrative preparation, advanced ticket sales, and race day execution of the program.

Nothing in life is forever and we retired once from our regular jobs to help steer Ohsweken toward the premier facility that it is today. Although the steps have not all been smooth or palatable by all, we felt them to be necessary as we worked tirelessly to put systems and a great staff in place to carry on. We are not naive enough to believe that the facility will not thrive in the future, as we witnessed firsthand that life carries on and you will not miss us for a second. We suspect that will be the same at the speedway.

We would like to thank Dawn and Morgan for all of your help, patience, and understanding and you will be glad to know the race office is being dismantled. Yes – you are getting your house back!

Thank you very much to Glenn and Tina for the opportunity and all the support that you and all staff members have given us over the past few years. We encourage all of you not to forget where you have come from and where you must go as we wish you all nothing but continued success and a bright future.