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Last updated: May 16, 2023



0 Glenn Styres
01K Mikey Kruchka
1 Holly Porter
5 DJ Christie
7 Eric Gledhill (R)
9 Liam Martin
11 Jamie Turner
12DD Darren Dryden (R)
14H Jim Huppunen
15 Ryan Turner
17X Cory Turner
19D Alan Downey (R)
21 John Burbridge Jr.
22 Allen Gilleta
45 Nick Sheridan
46 Kevin Pauls
47X Dylan Westbrook
49L Lucas Smith (R)
68 Aaron Turkey
70 Baily Heard
70M&M Dave McKnight
71 Mike Bowman (R)
77T Tyeller Powless (R)
87X Shone Evans
88H Josh Hansen
90 Travis Cunningham
94X Scott Hall (R)




00 Greg Smulders (R)
2 Travis Hofstetter
2M Steve Murdock
2S Al Sleight (R)
3B Blaine Barrow
3S Austin Roes
4 Mack DeMan
4B Darrell Pelletier
5 Tom Pellizzari (R)
MK8 Matthew Hill
9C Brian Nanticoke
11 TBA (Team Wheelers)
14 Larry Gledhill
14W Greg Wilson (R)
16X Keegan Baker
20 Johnny Miller
26 John Verney
26X Terry Baker
28T Cam Thomson (R)
29W Tyler Ward
31C Dale Curran
BS39 Brett Stratford
40 TBA (Barr Motorsports)
45 Curtis Gartly
51 Trevor Young
52 Jesse Costa
52RHR Matt Billings
69K Ken Hamilton
70M&M Gabby Darling (R)
71 John Cadman (R)
72 Tanner Podwinski (R)
74 Rob Neely
77E Ashton VanEvery
85C Cam MacKinnon
88 Lance Erskine
94 Ryan Fraser
97 Sheldon Bender
99 Joshua Hill




03 George Grosul
8 Ryan Dinning
11R Bryce Richardson
13 Kacey Huffman
17 Rob Disher
17W Travis Whittal (R)
19 Kyle Wert
21 Blake Bomberry Sr.
21Z Braedan Burning (R)
23 Trevor DeBoer
24 Blake Bomberry Jr.
24K Kai Bomberry (R)
24R Rodney Rutherford (R)
25 Ken Sargent
26 Keith Dale (R)
28 Jim Lampman
28D Donny Lampman
32 Mark Fawcett
41 Adam Plazek
43 Kyle Andress
49 Dave Bailey
53 Logan Shwedyk
55 Mike Thorne
62 Brian Pescetti
69G Brian General
72 Marcel Gaudet
76 Jamie Goudge
79 Chris Hale
84RK Ryan Beagle
92 Paige Lanoue
93 Melissa Miller
93K Mike Klazinga
96 Tyler Lafantaisie (R)
96O John Overholt
97 Ron Loggie
427 Tim Phalen
711 Seth Lanoue




01 Tristan Da Silva
05 Dave Goodacre/Rick Robinson
1 Jason Tolton
1A Ashton Dickie
2 Matt Nuell
3 Brian Gamble (R)/Owen Brooker (R)
4 Wayde Thorne
5 Joey Wilcox/Dave Goodacre
7B Braden Keus
8 Barry Westman
9 Tim DeBoer
9K Kylie Dixon (R)
11 Mike Giberson
11E Jeff Elsliger
14L John Lubeck
16 Fabio Olivieri
20J Nathan Joyner (R)
21H Ryan Hillar
23 Dusty DeBoer
26 Tim Nuell
27 Niko Hansen
32 Grayden Lyons (R)
33 Mark Martin (R)
52 Rick VanKleef (R)
54 Christopher French
64 Nick Erskine
64E Doug Erskine/Brad Erskine
66 Jon Janssens
66B Riley Burning (B)
66X Martin Schroder
66XX Brandon Janssens
76 Shawn Taylor (R)
79 Steve Miller
81D Crystal Soules
84 Jeremy Barton (R)
88 Em Nigh (R)
88C Steve Conway (R)
188 Paul Longboat
188JR Dylaney Longboat (R)
265 Mike Evers

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About Ohsweken Speedway: Opened in 1996, Ohsweken Speedway is a motorsports complex and event centre featuring a 3/8 mile clay oval auto racing track and 1/6 mile clay oval Micro Sprint and Karting track. The facility is owned by the Styres family, and located in the village of Ohsweken, Ontario, Canada. Ohsweken’s weekly Friday Night Excitement racing program runs from May to September each year, featuring 360 Sprint Cars, Crate Sprint Cars, Thunder Stocks, and Mini Stocks, while the facility also hosts weekly Micro Sprint and Kart racing on Thursday nights.