By Brent Otchere

OHSWEKEN, Ont. (June 9, 2023) – Core-Mark presented the annual Late Model Open night on Friday at Ohsweken Speedway; Gregg Haskell, Mack DeMan, Dave Bailey, and Ryan Hillar took A-Main wins.

Late Model Open
Jason Haskell and Nick Glassford brought the field to the green flag for the 30 lap Late Model Open A-Main. Jason Haskell lost the lead to Gregg Haskell after a lap five restart after Brad Bloomfield brought out the caution. The racing became very heated despite a bevy of caution flags throughout the race, along with a red flag. Through all the carnage, fortunately no drivers were harmed. Gregg Haskell saw the checkered flag first, taking the win over CJ Field , Jason Haskell, Brian Speelman, and Cody VanDeWynckel. The win was Haskell’s first at Ohsweken, and the first Late Model Open win for a driver from Southwestern Ontario. Brian Speelman set a new eight lap track record earlier in the night by winning his heat race in 2:07.042.

Oakwood Transport Action Sprint Tour West
Lance Erskine and Larry Gledhill brought the field to the green flag for the 25 lap Crate Sprint Car A-Main which served as the opening round of the Action Sprint Tour’s West series. Erskine led the first lap, but the pace slowed on lap two when Jeremy Hughes crashed out of the race. Gledhill had a busy race, battling both Mack DeMan and Brett Stratford on different occasions but ultimately conceding positions to both. Drivers became more antsy as the laps ticked down, leading to Brian Nanticoke and Dale Curran colliding and bringing out the red flag. Both drivers were unharmed in the wreck.

Mack DeMan had a spectacular restart which saw him gain the lead with four laps left to go. DeMan crossed the finish line first with over a two second lead over second place finisher Erskine. Steve Murdock finished in third, Sheldon Bender fourth, and Johnny Miller fifth. Gledhill now leads over Stratford by ten points in the Strickland’s Crate Sprint Car division standings. Stratford set new single lap (14.346) and eight lap track records (1:57.195) earlier in the evening, but did not finish the A-Main.

Middleport Mechanical Thunder Stocks
George Grosul started on pole alongside Tyler Lafantaise to take the green flag for the 20 lap Thunder Stock A-Main. Ken Sargent shot past the two leaders to lead the first lap, only to relinquish the lead to Dave Bailey on the third lap. Ryan Beagle took advantage of two restarts to place himself in the second position after starting the race in the nineteenth spot.

Sargent and Robert Hoskins jockeyed for the third position, providing some of the best racing of the night. Beagle broke through for the lead with only three laps left to go, however Bailey rallied back to take his second consecutive win. Beagle finished in second, Hoskins third, Ryan Dinning forth, and Sargent fifth. Bailey broke his own single lap record in his heat race with a 18.806 second circuit. Beagle now leads over Kyle Wert by three points in the championship standings.

HRW Automotive Mini Stocks
The front row of the grid featured Mark Martin and Christopher French to begin the 15 lap Mini Stock A-Main. Wayde Thorne took the lead away from French just as the caution flag came out on lap two due a grinding crash between Paul Longboat, Dusty DeBoer and Jason Tolton. A hard hit into the concrete wall caused major damage to DeBoer’s car, and sent the former track champion to the hospital.

Ashton Dickie timed the restart perfectly, propelling himself into the lead. Eventually Ryan Hillar hunted down Dickie on lap six, overtaking and gaining the lead for the eventual win. Dickie settled for second, while Mike Sarantakos finished in third, Lofton Schuts fourth, and Dylan Bonner fifth. Hillar now leads over Sarantakos by 16 points in the overall standings.

Up Next at Ohsweken Speedway
Ackland Insurance presents Canadian National Autism Foundation Night on Friday, June 16, featuring the Kool Kidz-Corr/Pak 360 Sprint Cars, Strickland’s Crate Sprint Cars, Middleport Mechanical Thunder Stocks, and HRW Automotive Mini Stocks. Visit www.ohswekenspeedway.com for more information.

Ohsweken Speedway Statistical Report
Friday, June 9, 2023
Ohsweken, Ontario, Canada
Core-Mark Presents Late Model Open Night
Total Entries: 128

Late Model Open (28 Entries)

A-Main [Started] 30 laps – NT
1. RH21-Gregg Haskell[8]; 2. 4-CJ Field[9]; 3. RH94-Jason Haskell[1]; 4. 22S-Brian Speelman[6]; 5. 43-Cody VanDeWynckel[5]; 6. 11-Kyle Sopaz[15]; 7. 57-Charlie Sandercock[18]; 8. 60-Nick Glassford[2]; 9. 05-Mike Lewis[7]; 10. 49-Brett Hope[17]; 11. 2-Zack Carley[3]; 12. 38-Mike Goudie[13]; 13. (DNF) 19JR-Rob Ledingham[27]; 14. (DNF) 0FG-Adam Turner[10]; 15. (DNF) 31J-John McIntyre[11]; 16. (DNF) 00-Jim Dale Jr[12]; 17. (DNF) 36-John Pinsonneault[23]; 18. (DNF) 06-Jordan VanHall[16]; 19. (DNF) 29-Ryan Bonner[4]; 20. (DNF) 31-Marshall Hereygers[21]; 21. (DNF) 47P-Blaine Murawski[20]; 22. (DNF) 911-Jay Liverance[24]; 23. (DNF) 11B-Brad Bloomfield[14]; 24. (DNF) 46-Brandon Mowat[22]; 25. (DNS) 1A-Jake Hooker; 26. (DNS) 00A-Andrew Hennessy; 27. (DNS) 33-Topher Fidler; 28. (DNS) 52-Rick Cedar
Hard Charger – Rob Ledingham +14

Heat Race 1 [Started] 8 laps – NT
1. 60-Nick Glassford[2]; 2. 2-Zack Carley[7]; 3. 29-Ryan Bonner[9]; 4. 0FG-Adam Turner[3]; 5. 38-Mike Goudie[5]; 6. 06-Jordan VanHall[8]; 7. (DNF) 1A-Jake Hooker[6]; 8. (DNF) 46-Brandon Mowat[1]; 9. (DNS) 00A-Andrew Hennessy

Heat Race 2 [Started] 8 laps – 2:07.042 NTR
1. 22S-Brian Speelman[1]; 2. RH94-Jason Haskell[7]; 3. 05-Mike Lewis[5]; 4. 31J-John McIntyre[2]; 5. 11B-Brad Bloomfield[4]; 6. 49-Brett Hope[3]; 7. 47P-Blaine Murawski[6]; 8. (DNF) 36-John Pinsonneault[9]; 9. (DNS) 33-Topher Fidler

Heat Race 3 [Started] 8 laps – NT
1. RH21-Gregg Haskell[6]; 2. 4-CJ Field[3]; 3. 43-Cody VanDeWynckel[4]; 4. 00-Jim Dale Jr[5]; 5. 11-Kyle Sopaz[9]; 6. 57-Charlie Sandercock[1]; 7. 31-Marshall Hereygers[2]; 8. 911-Jay Liverance[8]; 9. (DNF) 19JR-Rob Ledingham[7]; 10. (DNF) 52-Rick Cedar[10]

Oakwood Transport Action Sprint Tour West Series (37 Entries)

A-Main [Started] 25 laps – NT
1. 4-Mack DeMan[4]; 2. 88-Lance Erskine[1]; 3. 2M-Steve Murdock[8]; 4. 97-Sheldon Bender[3]; 5. 20-Johnny Miller[9]; 6. 14-Larry Gledhill[2]; 7. 52-Jesse Costa[13]; 8. 2S-Al Sleight[6]; 9. 71C-John Cadman[10]; 10. 21K-Aaron Turkey[16]; 11. 72-Tanner Podwinski[11]; 12. 94-Ryan Fraser[19]; 13. 85C-Cam MacKinnon[14]; 14. 45-Curtis Gartly[24]; 15. 00-Greg Smulders[17]; 16. 16X-Keegan Baker[18]; 17. 77E-Ashton VanEvery[20]; 18. 74-Rob Neely[12]; 19. 71-Mike Bowman[15]; 20. (DNF) 9C-Brian Nanticoke[5]; 21. (DNF) 31-Dale Curran[22]; 22. (DNF) 3S-Austin Roes[21]; 23. (DNF) BS39-Brett Stratford[7]; 24. (DNF) 11W-Jeremy Hughes[23]
Hard Charger – Curtis Gartly +10

Heat Race 1 [Started] 8 laps – 2:02.227
1. 9C-Brian Nanticoke[2]; 2. 88-Lance Erskine[6]; 3. 14-Larry Gledhill[5]; 4. 00-Greg Smulders[3]; 5. 85C-Cam MacKinnon[8]; 6. M52-Marc Suprenant[9]; 7. (DNF) R52-Matt Billings[1]; 8. (DNF) 99-Joshua Hill[4]; 9. (DNF) 4B-Darrell Pelletier[7]; 10. (DNS) 50LS-Adrian Stahle

Heat Race 2 [Started] 8 laps – NT
1. 2S-Al Sleight[1]; 2. 20-Johnny Miller[2]; 3. 74-Rob Neely[4]; 4. 52-Jesse Costa[6]; 5. 71-Mike Bowman[8]; 6. 11W-Jeremy Hughes[7]; 7. 69K-Ken Hamilton[5]; 8. 420-Victor Bomberry[3]; 9. (DNS) 28-Cameron Thomson

Heat Race 3 [Started] 8 laps – 1:57.195 NTR
1. BS39-Brett Stratford[2]; 2. 72-Tanner Podwinski[1]; 3. 4-Mack DeMan[6]; 4. 21K-Aaron Turkey[5]; 5. 77E-Ashton VanEvery[3]; 6. 3S-Austin Roes[8]; 7. 45-Curtis Gartly[9]; 8. 51-Trevor Young[7]; 9. MK8-Matt Hill[4]

Heat Race 4 [Started] 8 laps – NT
1. 97-Sheldon Bender[1]; 2. 71C-John Cadman[2]; 3. 2M-Steve Murdock[6]; 4. 16X-Keegan Baker[3]; 5. 94-Ryan Fraser[4]; 6. 31-Dale Curran[7]; 7. 2-Travis Hofstetter[5]; 8. 07-Brandon Mowat[9]; 9. (DNF) 29W-Tyler Ward[8]

B-Main [Started] 12 laps – NT
1. 3S-Austin Roes[3]; 2. 31-Dale Curran[4]; 3. 11W-Jeremy Hughes[2]; 4. 45-Curtis Gartly[7]; 5. 69K-Ken Hamilton[6]; 6. 2-Travis Hofstetter[8]; 7. 51-Trevor Young[11]; 8. 29W-Tyler Ward[16]; 9. MK8-Matt Hill[15]; 10. 50LS-Adrian Stahle[17]; 11. 07-Brandon Mowat[12]; 12. 420-Victor Bomberry[10]; 13. (DNF) M52-Marc Suprenant[1]; 14. (DNF) R52-Matt Billings[5]; 15. (DNS) 99-Joshua Hill; 16. (DNS) 4B-Darrell Pelletier; 17. (DNS) 28-Cameron Thomson

Middleport Mechanical Thunder Stocks (33 Entries)

A-Main [Started] 20 laps – NT
1. 49-Dave Bailey[13]; 2. 84RK-Ryan Beagle[19]; 3. 37-Robert Hoskins[5]; 4. 8-Ryan Dinning[18]; 5. 25-Ken Sargent[3]; 6. 53-Logan Shwedyk[12]; 7. 19-Kyle Wert[20]; 8. 97-Ron Loggie[15]; 9. 23-Trevor DeBoer[16]; 10. 11R-Bryce Richardson[4]; 11. 28-Jim Lampman[8]; 12. 17W-Travis Whittal[7]; 13. 07-Scott McPhail[9]; 14. 55-Mike Thorne[10]; 15. 03-George Grosul[1]; 16. 427-Tim Phalen[6]; 17. 43-Kyle Andress[24]; 18. 93-Melissa Miller[25]; 19. 13-Kacey Huffman[26]; 20. 76J-Jeff Drummond[28]; 21. 92-Paige Lanoue[27]; 22. 28D-Donny Lampman[17]; 23. (DNF) 11-Gofast Teeple[23]; 24. (DNF) 41-Adam Plazek[11]; 25. (DNF) 196-Tyler Lafantaise[2]; 26. (DNF) 79-Christopher Hale[14]; 27. (DNF) 32-Mark Fawcett[22]; 28. (DNF) 711-Seth Lanoue[21]
Hard Charger – Ryan Beagle +17

Heat Race 1 [Started] 8 laps – 2:53.592
1. 03-George Grosul[1]; 2. 427-Tim Phalen[9]; 3. 11R-Bryce Richardson[7]; 4. 196-Tyler Lafantaise[4]; 5. 25-Ken Sargent[5]; 6. 17W-Travis Whittal[10]; 7. 37-Robert Hoskins[8]; 8. 11-Gofast Teeple[6]; 9. 13-Kacey Huffman[3]; 10. 76-Jamie Goudge[11]; 11. (DNF) 43-Kyle Andress[2]

Heat Race 2 [Started] 8 laps – NT
1. 49-Dave Bailey[8]; 2. 28-Jim Lampman[2]; 3. 97-Ron Loggie[10]; 4. 79-Christopher Hale[9]; 5. 55-Mike Thorne[3]; 6. 53-Logan Shwedyk[7]; 7. 07-Scott McPhail[11]; 8. 32-Mark Fawcett[5]; 9. (DNF) 93-Melissa Miller[1]; 10. (DNF) 96O-John Overholt[6]; 11. (DQ) 93K-Mike Klazinga[4]

Heat Race 3 [Started] 8 laps – 2:45.343
1. 23-Trevor DeBoer[1]; 2. 84RK-Ryan Beagle[4]; 3. 8-Ryan Dinning[3]; 4. 19-Kyle Wert[5]; 5. 28D-Donny Lampman[2]; 6. 711-Seth Lanoue[9]; 7. 41-Adam Plazek[11]; 8. 92-Paige Lanoue[8]; 9. 19C-Cory White[10]; 10. 76J-Jeff Drummond[7]; 11. (DNF) 6X-Marshall Bellamy[6]

B-Main [Started] 8 laps – 2:37.704
1. 32-Mark Fawcett[2]; 2. 11-Gofast Teeple[1]; 3. 43-Kyle Andress[10]; 4. 93-Melissa Miller[5]; 5. 13-Kacey Huffman[4]; 6. 92-Paige Lanoue[3]; 7. 76J-Jeff Drummond[9]; 8. 76-Jamie Goudge[7]; 9. 6X-Marshall Bellamy[12]; 10. 19C-Cory White[6]; 11. (DNS) 96O-John Overholt; 12. (DQ) 93K-Mike Klazinga[11]


HRW Automotive Mini Stocks (30 Entries)

A-Main [Started] 15 laps – NT
1. 21H-Ryan Hillar[18]; 2. 1A-Ashton Dickie[8]; 3. 6X-Mike Sarantakos[16]; 4. 24-Lofton Schuts[20]; 5. N64-Dylan Bonner[19]; 6. 66-Martin Schroder[21]; 7. 1-Jason Tolton[11]; 8. 54-Christopher French[2]; 9. 14L-John Lubeck[10]; 10. 4-Wayde Thorne[3]; 11. 7B-Braden Keus[23]; 12. 79-Steve Miller[26]; 13. 32L-Grayden Lyons[28]; 14. 33-Mark Martin[1]; 15. 27-Niko Hansen[7]; 16. 265-Mike Evers[14]; 17. 11E-Jeff Elsliger[12]; 18. 9-Tim DeBoer[5]; 19. (DNF) 76-Shawn Taylor[6]; 20. (DNF) 01-Tristan DaSilva[13]; 21. (DNF) 23-Dusty DeBoer[15]; 22. (DNF) 188-Paul Longboat[9]; 23. (DNF) 16-Fabio Olivieri[17]; 24. (DNF) 88-Steve Conway[30]; 25. (DNF) 64-Nick Erskine[4]; 26. (DNF) 5-Dave Goodacre[24]; 27. (DNF) 11-Mike Giberson[25]; 28. (DNF) 81D-Crystal Soules[29]; 29. (DNF) 9K-Kylie Dixon[22]; 30. (DNS) JR188-Dylaney Longboat
Hard Charger – Ryan Hillar +17

Heat Race 1 [Started] 6 laps – 2:10.113
1. 4-Wayde Thorne[5]; 2. 54-Christopher French[4]; 3. 27-Niko Hansen[9]; 4. 76-Shawn Taylor[8]; 5. 9-Tim DeBoer[7]; 6. 64-Nick Erskine[6]; 7. 33-Mark Martin[2]; 8. 9K-Kylie Dixon[10]; 9. (DNF) 11-Mike Giberson[1]; 10. (DQ) 88-Steve Conway[3]

Heat Race 2 [Started] 6 laps – NT
1. 01-Tristan DaSilva[8]; 2. 188-Paul Longboat[3]; 3. 14L-John Lubeck[4]; 4. 1-Jason Tolton[5]; 5. 11E-Jeff Elsliger[6]; 6. 1A-Ashton Dickie[1]; 7. 265-Mike Evers[10]; 8. 7B-Braden Keus[7]; 9. 79-Steve Miller[2]; 10. 32L-Grayden Lyons[9]

Heat Race 3 [Started] 6 laps – 2:16.606
1. 23-Dusty DeBoer[2]; 2. 21H-Ryan Hillar[5]; 3. 6X-Mike Sarantakos[3]; 4. N64-Dylan Bonner[6]; 5. 16-Fabio Olivieri[4]; 6. 24-Lofton Schuts[9]; 7. 66-Martin Schroder[8]; 8. 5-Dave Goodacre[7]; 9. JR188-Dylaney Longboat[1]; 10. 81D-Crystal Soules[10]

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