by Tommy Goudge (July 5, 2008) – Bryan Howland was on a mission Saturday night at Ohsweken Speedway during Night #2 of the American Sprint Car Series Northern Summer Nationals, featuring the ASCS Sprints on Dirt series vs. the ASCS Patriot series. After starting 8th in the 30-lap feature event, the Auburn, NY native sliced his way to the front and drove around Darren Long into the lead on lap 14. From there, Howland put on a clinic in lapped traffic and dominated the 2nd half of the race, taking his first victory in almost 2 full years, along with the $3,000 cheque as the inaugural winner of the Northern Summer Nationals. Howland’s last victory also came at Ohsweken nearly two full years ago on July 14, 2006 in an ASCS Patriot event.

Brett Mann and Scott Kreutter paced the field to the greenflag to start the special 30 lap event, with Mann taking the early lead. Darren Long quickly moved up from his starting position outside row 3 and blasted around Mann to take over the number one spot on lap 3. All eyes were on Bryan Howland’s #51, however, as he was clearly on a mission to end his winless streak, and also redeem himself after missing the feature event on Friday night. On lap 14, Howland had worked his way to 2nd and was right behind Long as the 2 leaders entered turn 1 in lapped traffic. Long slid high in turns 1 and 2, allowing Howland to drive by on the low side. Long stayed behind Howland briefly, but Howland worked lapped traffic to perfection and began opening a gap. The race was red flagged on the 22nd lap as Ryan Grubaugh flipped very hard on the frontstretch. Grubaugh hadstarted 10th and was fighting for the top 5 at the time of the incident. Ryan was able to walk away from the crash, but his #00 suffered frame damage. 

When the race was restarted, Long was in 2nd behind Howland, but could barely see the leader as Howland had managed to put 7 lapped machines between the two front runners. Long worked picked his way through the traffic during the last 8 laps, and while a caution for a spin by Brad Malloy gave Long one last chance, he was not able to do anything with Howland, who cruised home to victory. Long settled for 2nd followed by Kreutter, night #1 feature winner Dustin Daggett, and regular Ohsweken Corr/Pak Merchandising Sprint Car division competitor Kevin Job, who came home 5th after starting 15th. Mann, Bubba Broderick, Howland, and Long took heat race victories on the very fast Ohsweken surface. Chris Muhlheisen and Glenn Styres won the twin B-Mains, while Howland won the 4 Laps of Fame Dash. Daggett won the Dash for Cash run for the drivers who locked themselves into Saturday night’s feature with top-4 finishes the night before. 

Misfortune struck several sprint car competitors on Saturday night, as Ryan Hunsinger and Rob Pietz suffered engine problems, while Fred Cade flipped hard in turn 4 in his heat race after contact with the left rear of Blake Breen. Hunsinger, Pietz, and Cade are all currently in the top 6 in Ohsweken Corr/Pak Merchandising sprint car division points, and will have work to do to get ready for next Friday’s Mid-Season Championship night at the Speedway. Bobby Breen was also involved in a hard crash on Saturday night, as he appeared to suffer a mechanical failure in the Dash for Cash and hit the wall in turn 2 very hard. Fortunately all drivers involved in crashes emerged from their cars unscathed, despite the heavy contact.

The Friday Night Fun Stocks division also raced on Saturday night in a special $250-to-win event, and at the end of 25 hard fought laps, newcomer Trevor Deboer came home with the victory, and a beautiful trophy as well. Lee Hils chased Deboer home, followed by Mark Czuba, Karl Sault, and Chris Hils. Rodney Rutherford also made his first ever Fun Stock start on Saturday night, bringing the total to 18 different drivers who have competed in the new division already this season.

Human-powered racing also took to the track on Saturday night, as Box Car Races for kids age 6-12 took centre stage during intermission. Many great-looking Box Cars were seen, including a creative one-of-a-kind bright pink design, and replicas of the sprint cars of Glenn Styres, Ryan Hunsinger, and World of Outlaws driver Donny Schatz, as well as Thunder Stock replicas of Chris Dickie and Kyle Magrin, and another of the Chase Hess Mini-Stock. Congratulations to all the kids and their “pit crew” friends and family who worked hard on their Box Car Racers in preparation for Saturday night.

Friday Night Thunder returns to Ohsweken next Friday, July 11 when Wiseco Pistons presents Mid-Season Championship night at the Speedway featuring the Corr/Pak Merchandising Sprint Cars, ESSO Thunder Stocks, and Friday Night Fun Stocks, plus Vintage Cars. Evers Financial Group Inc will sponsor the ESSO Mini-Stock mid-season main event, and all of the divisions will be racing in lengthened features and competing for extra prize money this week. Friday Night Thunder at Ohsweken Speedway offers affordable family entertainment just a short drive away from most mid-western Ontario locations. Friday Night Thunder Adult General Admission is $10, while Seniors and Students are $8, and kids 12 and under are FREE! Please visit HYPERLINK for more information. Gates open at 6:00p.m. with the first race taking the green flag at 7:45p.m. this Friday, July 11!



(8 laps – Top 18 in Passing Points Transfer to A-Feature)
HEAT #1: 
1. 79 Brett Mann (Goshen, IN), 2. 33k Kyle Patrick (Tilbury), 3. 21x Kevin Job (Campbellville), 4. 00 Ryan Grubaugh (St. Johns, MI), 5. 01 Mikey Kruchka (Hamilton), 6. 4z Joel Lehman (Guelph), 7. 21j John Burbridge, Sr. (Simcoe), 8. 57 Doug Bowman (London), 9. 77x Ryan Hunsinger (Brantford)

HEAT #2: 
1. 5 Bubba Broderick (Brookfield, CT), 2. 35 Jared Zimbardi (Salamanca, NY), 3. 19 Joe Bares (Traverse City, MI), 4. 5d Dave Dykstra (Port Colborne), 5. 26 Howard Singer (Whitney Point, NY), 6. 23 Ben Rutan (Jerome, MI), 7. 8 Blake Breen (Savannah, NY), 8. 12c Fred Cade (Niagara Falls)

HEAT #3: 
1. 51 Bryan Howland (Auburn, NY), 2. 6n Dain Naida (Belleville, MI), 3. 27h Tom Huppunen (Fenwick), 4. 5m Brad Malloy (Niagara Falls), 5. 0 Glenn Styres (Ohsweken), 6. 10m Chris Muhleisen (Arkport, NY), 7. 52L Daniel Lampron (Saint-Valere, QC), 8. 7x Kyle Moffit (South Dayton, NY)

HEAT #4: 
1. 7 Darren Long (Elida, OH), 2. 5x Keith Dempster (Alton), 3. 36 Mike Stelter (Ontario, NY), 4. 69 Rob Pietz (Port Colborne), 5. 31 John Burbridge, Jr. (Simcoe), 6. 47x Louie Carufel (Port Huron, MI), 7. 21f Jared Fink (Germantown, NY), 8. 90 James Evans (Beamsville)

(4 Laps – Determines Starting Positions 8-13 in A-Main): 
1. 51 Bryan Howland, 2. 33k Kyle Patrick, 3. 00 Ryan Grubaugh, 4. 6n Dain Naida, 5. 3g Tim Norman, 6. 5x Keith Dempster

(4 Laps – Race for Guaranteed Starters from Night #1):
1. 2m Dustin Daggett, 2. 36 Mike Stelter, 3. 9 Bobby Breen, 4. 52 Scott Kreutter

B-MAINS (10 Laps, Top 3 Finishers Transfer to A-Main):
B-MAIN #1:

1. 10m Chris Muhleisen, 2. 5d Dave Dykstra, 3. 21j John Burbridge, Sr., 4. 26 Howard Singer, 5. 4z Joel Lehman, 6. 57 Doug Bowman, 7. 52L Daniel Lampron, 8. 69 Rob Pietz DNS, 9. 7x Kyle Moffit DNS, 10. 77x Ryan Hunsinger DNS

1. 0 Glenn Styres, 2. 23 Ben Rutan, 3. 21f Jared Fink, 4. 01 Mikey Kruchka, 5. 31 John Burbridge, Jr., 6. 47x Louie Carufel, 7. 90 James Evans, 8. 8 Blake Breen DNS, 9. 12c Fred Cade DNS

A-FEATURE (30 Laps):
Position. # Name (Starting Position)
1. 51 Bryan Howland (8) 
2. 7 Darren Long (6)
3. 52 Scott Kreutter (2)
4. 2m Dustin Daggett (7)
5. 21x Kevin Job (15)
6. 36 Mike Stelter (3)
7. 79 Brett Mann (1)
8. 23 Ben Rutan (21)
9. 3g Tim Norman (12)
10. 5x Keith Dempster (13)
11. 10m Chris Muhleisen (18)
12. 21f Jared Fink (23)
13. 0 Glenn Styres (19)
14. 19 Joe Bares (16)
15. 5 Bubba Broderick (4)
16. 27h Tom Huppunen (17)
17. 5d Dave Dykstra (20)
18. 5m Brad Malloy (14)
19. 00 Ryan Grubaugh (10) DNF
20. 33k Kyle Patrick (9) DNF
21. 6n Dain Naida (11) DNF
22. 35 Jared Zimbardi (5) DNF
23. 21j John Burbridge, Sr. (22) DNF
24. 9 Bobby Breen (24) DNS

Position. # Name (Hometown)
1. 22 Trevor DeBoer (unknown)
2. 181 Lee Hils (Dundas)
3. 72 Mark Czuba (unknown)
4. 81 Karl Sault (Dundas
5. 818 Chris Hils (Dundas
6. 26 Dave Patton (Rockton)
7. 06 Al Van Every (unknown)
8. 5 Steven Hils (Dundas)
9. 9 Rodney Rutherford (Dundas)
10. 13 Kacey Huffman (Hamilton) DNF