By Tommy Goudge (February 15, 2013) – Drivers and teams from Ohsweken Speedway are hard at work getting ready for the 2013 racing season, which is now 3 months away. Karl Sault took a break from those preparations to reflect on his past Bomber and Mini Stock championships, and look ahead to his rookie season in the Thunder Stock division in 2013.

Karl Sault is just 23 years of age, and already at the top of the list when it comes to Ohsweken Speedway track championships. He began racing at Ohsweken in what was then the Friday Night Fun Stock division in 2008, winning 4 feature events. Karl has won a championship in each season since then – 2009 and 2010 in the renamed Bomber division, plus 2011 and 2012 in the Mini Stocks. He’s taking the next step in his career this season by moving up to the Thunder Stock division.

Birthdate: June 20, 1989
Hometown: Dundas, Ontario

TG: “You won the 2011 championship in a front-wheel-drive car, and the 2012 championship in a rear-wheel-drive car. How did you have to change your driving style to make the switch?”

KS: “My driving style pretty much stayed the same. The car setup had to change, which took some time. I just had to keep a smooth and straight line, keep my speed up, and keep the nose clean.”

TG: “Why did you decide now is the right time to move up to Thunder Stocks?”

KS: “We decided to move up to Thunder Stocks because our sponsor Insta-Insulation offered us the opportunity. Thunder Stocks are also easy to work on.”

TG: “Thunder Stocks have become a very tough division at Ohsweken, with large car counts and many competitive drivers. What goals are you setting for yourself this year?”

KS: “Thunder Stocks have grown, and become very competitive over the last few years, with higher car counts, and more cars coming this year. I am looking for Rookie of the Year, with a good points run too.”

TG: “You almost didn’t race at all in 2012. What led to your decision to come back, and where do you think your racing career is heading in the future?”

KS: “With the new rule change for the 2012 season, I couldn’t run the CRX again, but I got a call from Insta-Insulation wanting to sponsor me. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have been back. So I went from not being able to race, to building a car in three weeks and making opening night. For where I will be in the future, who knows, but as long as we are having fun it doesn’t matter.”

TG: “You’ve already won more championships than anyone else in the history of Ohsweken Speedway. What do you do with all of the firesuits and trophies you’ve won?”

KS: “I hang the firesuits up in the trailer just in case they are ever needed, and I try to hide the trophies throughout the house.”

TG: “You and your team are building a mid-80’s Firebird, similar to Ryan Beagle’s #84rk Camaro. Why did you decide to use that car, as opposed to the Monte Carlo, older Camaro or Firebird, or another more common car that we would usually see in the Thunder Stock division?”

KS: “We decided to build an ’85 Firebird because they are an easy car to find at any scrap yard. The Monte Carlo and older Camaros and Firebirds are harder to find.”

TG: “Dirt track seems to be a popular form of racing right now in this area. What do you enjoy about racing on dirt tracks?”

KS: “I enjoy the fact that you can run 3, 4, or even 5 or 6 wide some nights, and get away with it.”

TG: “You’ve competed in the two divisions at Ohsweken that are often considered to be good places for new racers to start. What have you learned about racing from your time in the Bombers and Mini Stocks?”

KS: “I have learned that you’ve got to keep the car clean. If you hurt the car, you can’t race, or win a race with a damaged car. It’s a long race and you’ve got time to get to the front.”

TG: “Who have you most enjoyed racing against in your career so far at Ohsweken, and who do you think will be fun to compete with in Thunder Stocks?”

KS: “I can’t really say that there is one person that I have enjoyed racing with, so much as the whole field. Everyone keeps a line, and we race our own race. We try to keep it a fair and clean race because no one wants to go home and fix their car all week and every week. I hope racing in the Thunder Stocks will be the same way.”

TG: “If you could change one thing (a rule, etc…) in racing, what would it be?”

KS: “Be able to run in all three stock car classes in one night.”


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Tommy Goudge
Ohsweken Speedway Media Relations