Ramsay Takes Brock Leonard Memorial Victory; McPherson, DeMan, and Lafantaisie Also Win on Jibs Action Sports Night at Ohsweken

By Brent Otchere

OHSWEKEN, Ont. (August 12, 2022) – Justin Ramsay took his second consecutive win in the Brock Leonard Memorial 50 on Friday night at Ohsweken Speedway; Cody McPherson, Mack DeMan, and Tyler Lafantaisie also took wins on Jibs Action Sports Night.

Middleport Mechanical Thunder Stocks
Trevor DeBoer started on pole with Tim Phalen next to him for the ninth running of the Brock Leonard Memorial 50. A caution came out on the fourth lap, nullifying DeBoer’s gap over the field; Ohsweken points leader Dave Bailey was involved in the caution and had to restart in the rear, however his rival for the championship lead Ryan Beagle capitalized on the restart and made his way into the top three. Justin Ramsay finally got around DeBoer for the lead on lap twelve; in the meantime Bailey had passed 16 cars since the caution, making himself a threat again to win his first Brock Leonard Memorial. Beagle however was able to hold off Bailey throughout the entire race amongst the lapped traffic. Justin Ramsay was the driver to beat and picked up the $1,000 victory, becoming the first multiple time winner of the Brock Leonard Memorial 50. The rest of the top five from second to fifth was Beagle, Bailey, Jim Lampman, and Mark Fawcett. Bailey remains the point leader over Beagle by 37 points.

Race of Champions Dirt 602 Sportsman Modified Series
Adam Leslie and Justin Sharp brought the 23 car field to the green flag for the 30 lap Sportsman Modified A-Main. Leslie could not hold off the hard-charging Sharp for the lead after two quick cautions and restarts. Sharp was not able to pull away however, which allowed former Ohsweken Thunder Stock champ Cody McPherson to catch up and take the lead on lap seventeen. McPherson checked out for the rest of the race, even holding off the pack after a late restart to take the $2,000 win. Sharp and Bill Bleich rounded out the podium in second and third respectively. Polesitter Leslie dropped three positions, crossing the finish line in fourth with Ohsweken Wall of Famer Jay Mallory in fifth.

Strickland’s Crate Sprint Cars
Mack DeMan and Lucas Smith brought the 28 car field to the green flag for the 20 lap Crate Sprint Car A-Main. DeMan got off to an amazing start as he already began to encounter traffic by lap five, however Smith was able to close the gap until a red flag came out for a Darren Dryden flip. A dejected Dryden was able to pull himself out of the wrecked vehicle under his own power. The crash put Dryden’s championship hopes in jeopardy after already picking up four wins this season. DeMan held off Smith for three more restarts before the checkered flag came out for DeMan’s win. Now a 360 Sprint Car regular, DeMan was filling in for Ackland Racing teammate Austin Roes to work out any problems in the car for the upcoming Action Sprint Tour races on Monday and Tuesday at Ohsweken. The win was DeMan’s 13th in Crate Sprint Car competition at Ohsweken, which leads the all-time list. Lucas Smith finished second, Jacob Dykstra third, Jesse Costa fourth, and Eric Gledhill fifth. Smith once again left the night as the division points leader with 30 points over Gledhill.

HRW Automotive Mini Stocks
The front row of the grid featured Paul Longboat and Jason Tolton to begin the 15 lap Mini Stock A-Main. In a repeat of last week, Jason Tolton had a great start as he overtook Longboat for the lead by lap two. A caution came out on lap six which allowed Tyler Lafantaisie to make his way to the third spot after starting in the nineteenth position. Jeremy Hughes saw his first victory of the season slip away as Lafantaisie passed him for the lead with three laps to go. The win was Lafantaisie’s sixth of the season at Ohsweken. Hughes finished second, Tolton third, Wayde Thorne fourth, and Dusty DeBoer fifth. Lafantaisie added to his already comfortable gap in the championship standings over Fabio Oliveri, which now stands at 130 points.

Up Next at Ohsweken Speedway
-Monday, August 15: Burger Barn presents the 17th Running of the Canadian Sprint Car Nationals featuring the Pinty’s Knights of Thunder 360 Sprint Car series, Action Sprint Tour Crate Sprint Car series fueled by Pinty’s, and the Qwick Wick Hot Lap Dash for the NASCAR Pinty’s Series.

-Tuesday, August 16: Pinty’s Delicious Foods presents the Pinty’s 100 for the NASCAR Pinty’s Series, plus the Knights of Thunder 360 Sprint Cars, and Action Sprint Tour Crate Sprint Cars.

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Friday, August, 12 2022
Ohsweken, Ontario, Canada
Brock Leonard Memorial Night
presented by Jibs Action Sports
Total Entries: 117


Middleport Mechanical Thunder Stocks (31 Entries)

A-Main [Started] 50 laps – NT
1. 03-Justin Ramsay[5]; 2. 84RK-Ryan Beagle[7]; 3. 49-Dave Bailey[11]; 4. 28-Jim Lampman[20]; 5. 32-Mark Fawcett[9]; 6. 28D-Donny Lampman[16]; 7. 23-Trevor DeBoer[1]; 8. 53-Logan Shwedyk[4]; 9. 97-Ron Loggie[10]; 10. 19-Kyle Wert[14]; 11. 427-Tim Phalen[2]; 12. 79-Christopher Hale[6]; 13. 7X-Dave Small[19]; 14. 93K-Mike Klazinga[12]; 15. 55-Mike Thorne[3]; 16. 10-Jaren Israel[18]; 17. 24-Blake Bomberry Jr[23]; 18. 25-Ken Sargent[8]; 19. 108-Zach Bleich[22]; 20. 43-Kyle Andress[15]; 21. (DNF) 41-Adam Plazek[13]; 22. (DNF) 65-John Dunn[24]; 23. (DNF) 3-Cameron Thomson[17]; 24. (DNS) 05-Pete Reid
Hard Charger – Jim Lampman + 16

Heat Race 1 [Started] 8 laps – NT
1. 23-Trevor DeBoer[3]; 2. 97-Ron Loggie[4]; 3. 25-Ken Sargent[7]; 4. 41-Adam Plazek[8]; 5. 3-Cameron Thomson[6]; 6. 45-Barry Watson[5]; 7. (DNF) 05-Pete Reid[2]; 8. (DNF) 24-Blake Bomberry Jr[1]

Heat Race 2 [Started] 8 laps – NT
1. 53-Logan Shwedyk[2]; 2. 84RK-Ryan Beagle[3]; 3. 32-Mark Fawcett[7]; 4. 19-Kyle Wert[1]; 5. 10-Jaren Israel[6]; 6. 11-Gofast Teeple[5]; 7. 93-Melissa Miller[8]; 8. G8-Gino Duguay[4]

Heat Race 3 [Started] 8 laps – NT
1. 49-Dave Bailey[3]; 2. 93K-Mike Klazinga[2]; 3. 55-Mike Thorne[5]; 4. 43-Kyle Andress[1]; 5. 7X-Dave Small[8]; 6. 75-Ryan Berry[7]; 7. 65-John Dunn[6]; 8. (DNF) 13-Kacey Huffman[4]

Heat Race 4 [Started] 8 laps – NT
1. 79-Christopher Hale[1]; 2. 427-Tim Phalen[2]; 3. 03-Justin Ramsay[5]; 4. 28D-Donny Lampman[4]; 5. 28-Jim Lampman[7]; 6. 108-Zach Bleich[6]; 7. (DNF) 48-Lyle White[3]

B-Main [Started] 12 laps – 3:48.840
1. 05-Pete Reid[5]; 2. 108-Zach Bleich[4]; 3. 24-Blake Bomberry Jr[9]; 4. 65-John Dunn[7]; 5. 11-Gofast Teeple[2]; 6. 13-Kacey Huffman[11]; 7. 93-Melissa Miller[6]; 8. 45-Barry Watson[1]; 9. 48-Lyle White[8]; 10. G8-Gino Duguay[10]; 11. (DNS) 75-Ryan Berry


Race of Champions Dirt 602 Sportsman Modified Series (23 Entries)

A-Main [Started] 30 laps – NT
1. 7-Cody McPherson[6]; 2. 8S-Justin Sharp[2]; 3. 108-Bill Bleich[5]; 4. 15-Adam Leslie[1]; 5. 20-Jay Mallory[4]; 6. 17C-Jordan Cosco[3]; 7. 53-Darrell Farraway[7]; 8. 09-Trevor Wright[20]; 9. 18R-Brad Rouse[8]; 10. 35-Nelson Mason[11]; 11. 28-Mitch Dumont[14]; 12. 21P-Tyler Puchalski[17]; 13. 23N-Nathan Peattie[21]; 14. 74-Taylor Vanderzanden[9]; 15. 99PJR-Matteo Panunte[18]; 16. 49-Bill Gill[19]; 17. 21-Spencer Smolders[15]; 18. 22-Terry Smith[12]; 19. 24C-Cameron Lane[16]; 20. 25-Chris Hawkins[23]; 21. (DNF) 68-Curtis Friesen[13]; 22. (DNF) 72-James Friesen[10]; 23. (DNS) 13M-Daniel McKay
Hard Charger – Trevor Wright + 12

Heat Race 1 [Started] 8 laps – 2:18.569
1. 15-Adam Leslie[2]; 2. 18R-Brad Rouse[1]; 3. 35-Nelson Mason[3]; 4. 74-Taylor Vanderzanden[5]; 5. 68-Curtis Friesen[4]; 6. 24C-Cameron Lane[6]; 7. (DNF) 49-Bill Gill[8]; 8. (DNS) 13M-Daniel McKay

Heat Race 2 [Started] 8 laps – 2:18.577
1. 53-Darrell Farraway[1]; 2. 8S-Justin Sharp[3]; 3. 108-Bill Bleich[2]; 4. 22-Terry Smith[4]; 5. 28-Mitch Dumont[5]; 6. 21P-Tyler Puchalski[7]; 7. 09-Trevor Wright[6]; 8. 25-Chris Hawkins[8]

Heat Race 3 [Started] 8 laps – 2:18.577
1. 7-Cody McPherson[2]; 2. 72-James Friesen[1]; 3. 20-Jay Mallory[3]; 4. 17C-Jordan Cosco[7]; 5. 21-Spencer Smolders[4]; 6. 99PJR-Matteo Panunte[6]; 7. 23N-Nathan Peattie[5]


Strickland’s GMC Crate Sprint Cars (32 Entries)

A-Main [Started] 20 laps – NT
1. 3RS-Mack DeMan[1]; 2. 49L-Lucas Smith[2]; 3. 5D-Jacob Dykstra[13]; 4. 4-Jesse Costa[3]; 5. 7-Eric Gledhill[7]; 6. BS39-Brett Stratford[4]; 7. 7W-Caleb Wood[6]; 8. 24A-AJ Lewis[10]; 9. 19D-Allan Downey[8]; 10. 74-Rob Neely[20]; 11. 2M-Steve Murdock[11]; 12. 94-Ryan Fraser[12]; 13. 88-Lance Erskine[23]; 14. 20-Johnny Miller[28]; 15. 2-Travis Hofstetter[24]; 16. 77T-Tyeller Powless[17]; 17. 38-Derek Miller[18]; 18. 14-Larry Gledhill[25]; 19. 9C-Brian Nanticoke[16]; 20. 51-Trevor Young[9]; 21. 28-Jordan Hill[27]; 22. 14T-Noelle Teal[26]; 23. 97-Sheldon Bender[21]; 24. (DNF) 16R-Seth Roy[19]; 25. (DNF) 12DD-Darren Dryden[5]; 26. (DNF) 99-Joshua Hill[15]; 27. (DNF) 29W-Tyler Ward[14]; 28. (DNF) 77E-Ashton VanEvery[22]
Hard Charger – Johnny Miller + 14

Heat Race 1 [Started] 8 laps – NT
1. 4-Jesse Costa[1]; 2. 3RS-Mack DeMan[4]; 3. 7W-Caleb Wood[6]; 4. 99-Joshua Hill[3]; 5. 16R-Seth Roy[5]; 6. 77T-Tyeller Powless[8]; 7. 14T-Noelle Teal[7]; 8. (DNF) 20-Johnny Miller[2]

Heat Race 2 [Started] 8 laps – NT
1. 12DD-Darren Dryden[1]; 2. 7-Eric Gledhill[3]; 3. BS39-Brett Stratford[7]; 4. 2M-Steve Murdock[6]; 5. 77E-Ashton VanEvery[2]; 6. 2-Travis Hofstetter[4]; 7. 14-Larry Gledhill[8]; 8. MK8-Matt Hill[5]

Heat Race 3 [Started] 8 laps – 2:11.338
1. 19D-Allan Downey[7]; 2. 51-Trevor Young[3]; 3. 94-Ryan Fraser[2]; 4. 38-Derek Miller[1]; 5. 74-Rob Neely[4]; 6. 88-Lance Erskine[6]; 7. 28-Jordan Hill[8]; 8. 2W-Lee Winger[5]

Heat Race 4 [Started] 8 laps – 2:08.904
1. 49L-Lucas Smith[3]; 2. 24A-AJ Lewis[1]; 3. 5D-Jacob Dykstra[2]; 4. 29W-Tyler Ward[5]; 5. 9C-Brian Nanticoke[6]; 6. 97-Sheldon Bender[7]; 7. 16X-Keegan Baker[4]; 8. 69K-Ken Hamilton[8]

B-Main [Started] 12 laps – 3:16.167
1. 14-Larry Gledhill[1]; 2. 14T-Noelle Teal[3]; 3. 28-Jordan Hill[2]; 4. 20-Johnny Miller[7]; 5. MK8-Matt Hill[5]; 6. 16X-Keegan Baker[4]; 7. 69K-Ken Hamilton[8]; 8. (DNS) 2W-Lee Winger

HRW Automotive Mini Stocks (31 Entries)

A-Main [Started] 15 laps – NT
1. 96-Tyler Lafantaisie[19]; 2. 10J-Jeremy Hughes[12]; 3. 1-Jason Tolton[2]; 4. 4-Wayde Thorne[18]; 5. 23-Dusty DeBoer[8]; 6. 16-Fabio Olivieri[13]; 7. 9-Tim DeBoer[14]; 8. 51-Eric Yorke[9]; 9. 64-Nick Erskine[23]; 10. 11E-Jeff Elsliger[5]; 11. 01-Tristan DaSilva[4]; 12. 27-Niko Hansen[11]; 13. 188-Paul Longboat[1]; 14. 60-Martin Schroder[15]; 15. 54-Christopher French[6]; 16. 10X-Jeff Earl[24]; 17. 69-Rob Twitchett[22]; 18. 46-Shawn Taylor[20]; 19. 1A-Ashton Dickie[7]; 20. 11-Mike Giberson[3]; 21. 7B-Braden Keus[27]; 22. 265-Mike Evers[25]; 23. 66-Broden Weiler[28]; 24. 79-Steve Miller[26]; 25. (DNF) 21H-Ryan Hillar[17]; 26. (DNF) 6X-Mike Sarantakos[10]; 27. (DNF) 4C-Jason Coutu[21]; 28. (DNS) 2-Matt Nuell
Hard Charger – Tyler Lafantaisie + 18

Heat Race 1 [Started] 6 laps – 2:11.339
1. 1-Jason Tolton[3]; 2. 11E-Jeff Elsliger[7]; 3. 188-Paul Longboat[2]; 4. 1A-Ashton Dickie[9]; 5. 01-Tristan DaSilva[5]; 6. 54-Christopher French[8]; 7. 11-Mike Giberson[4]; 8. 69-Rob Twitchett[6]; 9. 79-Steve Miller[10]; 10. 265-Mike Evers[1]

Heat Race 2 [Started] 6 laps – 2:10.420
1. 51-Eric Yorke[2]; 2. 23-Dusty DeBoer[1]; 3. 16-Fabio Olivieri[9]; 4. 10J-Jeremy Hughes[7]; 5. 9-Tim DeBoer[10]; 6. 6X-Mike Sarantakos[4]; 7. 27-Niko Hansen[5]; 8. 7B-Braden Keus[6]; 9. 64-Nick Erskine[3]; 10. 81D-Crystal Soules[8]

Heat Race 3 [Started] 6 laps – NT
1. 4-Wayde Thorne[4]; 2. 60-Martin Schroder[1]; 3. 96-Tyler Lafantaisie[5]; 4. 2-Matt Nuell[2]; 5. 21H-Ryan Hillar[3]; 6. 46-Shawn Taylor[9]; 7. 4C-Jason Coutu[6]; 8. 66-Broden Weiler[10]; 9. 10X-Jeff Earl[8]; 10. (DNF) 14DD-Dustin Duga[7]; 11. (DNS) 52-Rick VanKleef

B-Main [Started] 6 laps – NT
1. 69-Rob Twitchett[2]; 2. 64-Nick Erskine[4]; 3. 10X-Jeff Earl[8]; 4. 265-Mike Evers[1]; 5. 79-Steve Miller[3]; 6. 7B-Braden Keus[5]; 7. 66-Broden Weiler[10]; 8. 81D-Crystal Soules[6]; 9. (DNF) 14DD-Dustin Duga[9]; 10. (DNF) 52-Rick VanKleef[7]


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