by Tommy Goudge (September 5, 2014) – 121 drivers signed in to race on Season Championship Night presented by Renway Energy at Ohsweken Speedway on Friday, but severe weather caused the remainder of the racing program to be cancelled after the Affordable Towing & Recovery Thunder Stock and HRW Automotive Mini Stock divisions completed their qualifying heat races.

The event is considered official according to the Ohsweken Speedway rain out policy, as at least 7 races were completed.

September 5 Pit pass wristband holders can redeem those passes for a $10 discount on Test & Tune night coming up on Thursday, September 11, or a $5 discount on the Night Before the Nationals on Friday, September 12.

Grandstand ticket stub holders can redeem their stubs for a $5 discount on the Night Before the Nationals.


CORR/PAK MERCHANDISING 360 SPRINT CARS (22 entries) – No racing completed

Glenn Styres is officially the 2014 Corr/Pak Merchandising 360 Sprint Car division champion.

STRICKLAND’S GMC CRATE SPRINT CARS (14 entries) – No racing completed

Ryan Hunsinger is officially the 2014 Strickland’s GMC Crate Sprint Car division champion.


Dave Silverthorn, Jr. is officially the 2014 Affordable Towing & Recovery Thunder Stock division champion.

A-FEATURE – Cancelled

HEAT RACE #1 (8 laps):
Finish. Number Name (Hometown)
1. 38c John Cote (Hamilton), 2. 5 Ryan Hess (Ohsweken), 3. 66 Brady Longboat (Ohsweken), 4. 40 Derek Liverance (Brantford), 5. 84rk Ryan Beagle (Vittoria), 6. 97 Max Chechalk (Dunnville), 7. 93 Melissa Miller (Ohsweken), 8. 13 Kacey Huffman (Brantford). Time – 3:01.968

HEAT RACE #2 (8 laps):
Finish. Number Name (Hometown)
1. b23 Dave Bitner, Jr. (Hannon), 2. 8 Dale Gyokery (Jarvis), 3. 24 Blake Bomberry, Jr. (Hagersville), 4. 119 Shaun Quinn (Caledonia), 5. 00 James Thompson (St. Catharines), 6. 7x Chase Hess (Ohsweken), 7. 11r Bryce Richardson (Port Colborne), 8. 911 Jamie Hycza (Brantford). Time – 2:54.689

HEAT RACE #3 (8 laps):
Finish. Number Name (Hometown)
1. 28 Jim Lampman (Caistor Centre), 2. 81 Karl Sault (Dundas), 3. 55 Dereck Memyre (Hamilton), 4. 23 Trevor DeBoer (Hagersville), 5. 1 Chris Dickie (Brantford), 6. 83 Robbie General (Hagersville), 7. 13x Craig White (Ohsweken), 8. 48 Mike Graham (Caledonia). Time – 2:51.254

HEAT RACE #4 (8 laps):
Finish. Number Name (Hometown)
1. 85b Ryan Dinning (Hagersville), 2. 2 Lee Winger (Mount Hope), 3. 49 Dave Bailey (Hagersville), 4. 04 Wyatt Van Wart (Cambridge), 5. 9 Dave Silverthorn, Jr. (London), 6. 777x Steve Hess (Ohsweken), DNS. 52 Tony Fraser (Guelph). Time – 2:45.469

B-FEATURE – Cancelled


Tyler Lafantaisie is officially the 2014 HRW Automotive Mini Stock division champion.

A-FEATURE – Cancelled

HEAT RACE #1 (6 laps):
Finish. Number Name (Hometown)
1. 98 Mike Sarantakos (Smithville), 2. 53r Sarah Rutherford (Dundas), 3. 84 Jade Pelletire (Wellandport), 4. 69 Rob Twitchett (Dundas), 5. 79 Steve Miller (Paris), 6. 12 Chantelle Hyatt (Hamilton), 7. 76 Jamie Goudge (London), 8. 43 Kyle Nuell (Mount Hope), DNF. 90 Chad Smelser (Dunnville)

HEAT RACE #2 (6 laps):
Finish. Number Name (Hometown)
1. 43x Brian Watson (Lynden), 2. 21 Jonathan Ayrton (Dundas), 3. 96 Brian Crosgrove (Hamilton), 4. 69e Dan Erskine (Caistor Centre), 5. 2 Matt Nuell (Hamilton), 6. 9 Tim DeBoer (Caledonia), 7. 22 Brittani Myers (Hamilton), 8. 11 Mike Giberson (Caledonia), 9. 17 Mike Taylor (Hamilton)

HEAT RACE #3 (6 laps):
Finish. Number Name (Hometown)
1. 29 Lucas Lubin (Hamilton), 2. 93 Chris Ryckman (Brantford), 3. 55 Rob Slater (Dundas), 4. 7 Jason Lungaro (Hamilton), 5. 99 Robin Elliott (Woodstock), 6. 1 Kathi Dickie (Brantford), 7. 37 Rob Hoskins (Harley), 8. 16 Jeremy May (Binbrook), 9. 81 Alex Schuts (Oakland)

HEAT RACE #4 (6 laps):
Finish. Number Name (Hometown)
1. 21x Mark Bazuin (Caledonia), 2. 66x Jon Janssens (Woodstock), 3. 66 Brandon Janssens (Woodstock), 4. 64 Doug Erskine (Hamilton), 5. 96t Tyler Lafantaisie (Welland), 6. 8 Barry Westman (Aylmer), 7. 811 Lonnie Duwyn (Delhi), 8. 14 Trevor Young (Hamilton), DNS. 52 Kevin Ross (Caledonia)

B-FEATURE – Cancelled

GALE’S AUTO AFTERMARKET BOMBERS (18 entries) – No racing completed.

Dusty DeBoer is officially the 2014 Gale’s Auto Aftermarket Bomber division champion.

Burger Barn presents the Night Before the Nationals on Friday, September 12, featuring the Kevin Ward, Jr. Young Stars Challenge, Dave McLeod Memorial Shootout, and Twin 15’s for 360 Sprint Cars and HRW Automotive Mini Stocks, while Arrow Express presents the 10th annual Canadian Sprint Car Nationals on Saturday, September 13 featuring 360 Sprint Cars and Affordable Towing & Recovery Thunder Stocks. Visit for more information.

Advanced reserved seat tickets are now on sale for the 10th annual Arrow Express Canadian Sprint Car Nationals weekend on Friday, September 12, and Saturday, September 13. Please visit for more information, or contact Mary Wilkinson, Director of Customer Relations, by phone at 519 717-0023, or by e-mail at

Founded in 1996, Ohsweken Speedway is a motorsports complex which includes a 3/8 (0.375) mile clay oval track. The facility is owned by the Styres family, and located in the village of Ohsweken, Ontario, Canada. Ohsweken’s weekly Friday night racing program runs from May to September each year, featuring 360 Sprint Cars, Crate Sprint Cars, Thunder Stocks, Mini Stocks, and Bombers, while the season finishes each year with the annual Canadian Sprint Car Nationals. Ohsweken Speedway also hosts weekly Micro Sprint racing on Thursday nights, and has been a yearly stop on the World of Outlaws Sprint Car series schedule since 2007.

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