Styres ‘Rolls’ To A Sweep At Ohsweken

By Bill Oldroyd    
OHSWEKEN SPEEDWAY – May 14, 2004    
The second stop in the season for the Southern Ontario Sprints saw the series return to its home track, Ohsweken Speedway in Ohsweken, Ontario.  A solid field of twenty-two sprinters was on hand including three drivers who were competing for the first time in a sprint car.  Track owner and 2003 SOS Champion, Glenn Styres of Ohsweken Ontario had a clean sweep, winning his Heat race, the Dash for Cash and topping the night off with a victory in the Feature putting him in the series points lead.     
Styres success during the races however is not likely what most will remember on this night.  During his victory lap, Styres attempted to do his traditional victory donut, which always brings everyone to their feet, cheering.  However, things did not go as planned and Styres will now be looking to replace a pair of wings before his next race.     
Series veteran, Dick Mahoney from Newmarket, Ontario started the feature from the pole and grabbed the early lead, followed by Adam West of Ridgetown, Ontario.  Grand Island, NY native, Tim Phillips had a spin on lap two while running in the third spot forcing him to the rear of the field.  Phillips would however fight his way back to challenge for the lead later in the race.     
Meanwhile, Styres was making his way to the front in a big way.  He started the Feature in the seventh position and by lap two had worked his way up to third spot.  Cody Geldart of Mossley, Ontario was also on the charge from his ninth place starting position and by lap three was in fifth place.  After a couple of early cautions, Styres found himself in the lead on lap four however things were not going as well for Geldart as he was forced to retire early with mechanical problems.       
Dick Mahoney, West, Warren Mahoney of Lefroy, Ontario and Mike Lauterborn from Rochester, NY were involved in an intense battle for positions two through five.  This went on for several laps with positions changing on every lap.  Billy Krull of Wheatfield, NY had worked his way from the eleventh starting position to join the battle on lap six making it a five-way fight for the top positions.  Several early cautions kept the field bunched up resulting in numerous position changes throughout the field to the excitement of the large crowd in attendance.     
Lauterborn eventually won the fight for second and then quickly ran down Styres for the lead on lap eight.  At the half way point in the race the running order saw Lauterborn in the lead with Styres second, followed by Warren Mahoney and West.  Phillips had fought his way back to the fifth position after an early spin and rounding out the top ten were Krull, Bob Crawford of Sutton, Ontario, Gary Evans of Thorndale, Ontario, Dick Mahoney and Jack Dillon from Belle River, Ontario.     
The night appeared to belong to Lauterborn as he was pulling away from the field, however a blown motor ended his night, handing the lead back to Styres with six laps remaining.  Meanwhile, a four-way battle for the second position was still intense.  Phillips was the next driver to take aim at the top spot and was closing in quickly until a late race spin took him out of contention.     
After the race Phillips said; “You could wipe the tears of the top of my helmet, I could taste a victory”.     
The green came out for the last time with two laps to go and once again, Styres had a challenger.  This time it was Warren Mahoney taking up the battle.  Several times Mahoney was able to get by Styres on the low side but Styres would fight back each time, taking home his first SOS Feature victory of the season.     
Styres said; “I didn’t deserve to win this one!  My car was a hand-full all night and I think Lauterborn would have taken the victory if he hadn’t broke.”     
Early season mechanical problems are still plaguing several teams, as only sixteen of the twenty-two cars were able to start the feature.  On the other hand, a couple of rookies had a very successful first night out.  Evans ran a very steady race coming home eighth in the Feature while Jason Haskell of Chatham, Ontario was running in the top ten most of the night and would eventually finish in the twelfth position.     
Official Results from Event #2 at Ohsweken    
Leaf Racewear Heat #1   Wiseco Heat #2 
1 Kyle Patrick  1 Cody Geldart
2 Tim Phillips  2 Bob Crawford
3 Warren Mahoney  3 Dick Mahoney
4 Billy Krull  4 Jamie Collard (R)
5 John Riegling  5 Jack Pillon (R)
6 Al Gaukel  6 John Haskell (R)
7 Daryl Turford DNS  7 Steph Christiano (R)
Kenetic Photos Heat #3   Pennzoil Dash for Cash 
1 Glenn Styres  1 Glenn Styres
2 Adam West  2 Cody Geldart
3 Mike Lauterborn  3 Adam West
4 Vinnie Christiano  4 Tim Phillips
5 Mark Schulz  5 Bob Crawford
6 Gary Evans  6 Kyle Patrick
7 Les MacMillan   
8 Jim Sweers DNS   
Signet Tools SOS Feature – Ohsweken Speedway    
1 Glenn Styres  13 Daryl Turford
2 Billy Krull  14 John Riegling
3 Warren Mahoney  15 Al Gaukel
4 Adam West  16 Cody Geldart
5 Bob Crawford  DNS Kyle Patrick
6 Tim Phillips  DNS Mark Schulz
7 Dick Mahoney  DNS Les MacMillan
8 Gary Evans  DNS Jim Sweers
9 Jack Pillon (R)  DNS Jamie Collard (R)
10 Mike Lauterborn  DNS Steph Christiano (R)
11 Vinnie Christiano   
12 John Haskell (R)   
LEAF RACEWEAR AWARD – Glenn Styres    
1st 19j Rob Ledingham  
2nd #20 Jay Mallory  
3rd 8c Wayne Conn  
4th #9 Boyd Mactavish  
5th #01 Mike Kruchka  
6th #7 Steve Ruddy  
7th #56 Dereck Lemyre  
8th #44 Lee Mallory  
9th #14 Greg Wilson  
10th 9j Tim Zack  
11th #0x Bernard Nieburg  
12th #13 Dennis Giannola NF  
13th 91jr Bob Hopton NF  
14th #21 John Burbridge NF  
15th 20k Rick St. Pierre NF  
1st #5 Jeff Burke  
2nd #32 Dave Vogt  
3rd 24A A.J.Lewis  
4th #15 Bill Law  
5th #3 Brad Bacher  
6th #38 Terry Martin  
7th #90 David Brewster  
8th #07 Scott McPhail  
9th #1 Mike Cripps  
10th #40 Terry Osmond  
11th 38x Paul Morin  
12th #11 Michelle Johnson  
1st #64 DOUG ERSKINE  
2nd #111 ROBBIE ROUNCE  
3rd 69e Dan Erskine  
4th #5 Rick Robinson  
10th #265 MIKE EVERS  
11th #222 DAVE MAGRIN  
12th #23 Andrew Castlien  
13th #13 TED HALLETT  
14th mt50 SHARI TURNER  
15th #14 MARC HALLETT  
16th #9 Glen Lienen  
17th #191 Gord Bates  
18th #67 CRAIG ERSKINE  
19th #89 Steve Miller  
20th 17H Kevin Soules  
21st #79 Dan Miller  
22nd #18 Dan DePagter  
23rd B52 Rob Wagner  
24th #83 Stan Farmer  
2nd B52 Rob Wagner  
3rd #9 Glen Lienen  
5th #89 Steve Miller  
6th #18 Dan DePagter NF  
7th #77 John Held NF  
8th #25 ROY RINNE NF  
9th #56 Rob Slater NS  
 car # Mini Mechanics Race  
1st 13 Kelly hallett  
2nd 69 Stephen Toth  
3rd 23 Scott Watkins  
4th 50 Ken Turner  
5th 79 Murray Schlurtin  
6th O7 Brent Cronkwright  
7th 67 Larry Erskine  
8th 14 Jeremy Deleeun  
9th 5 Jim Canniere  
10th 148 Jim Porter  
11th 89 Randy Keeton  
12th 222 Kevin Magrin